Tuesday, March 1, 2011

terrific tuesday

I just stuck a post it note to the television to remind me to watch the Charlie Sheen interview tonight. I often want to watch something – then - forget. Think it is an age thing? I prefer to think it is because I have so many wonderful things I am working on … fyi I love Charlie Sheen.

Almost all 40 pots of the lovely seeds are sprouting. I am so excited. The major rain storm we [finally] had yesterday helped … as does the beauteous sun of today. Just may have to do more than cover them tonight … temps supposed to be below 30 – ugh.

Creations today: [1] white puffy little pom pom thingys [yes, that is the technical name.  [2] more grey coffee filter flowers. [3] crochet  flowers for a necklace idea that is running around in my head. I’ll let you know how it works out.

   little pom pom thingys

                       I  know it is tough to see - but the green is there and I am 
 delighting in signs of spring

And … I’m very excited that Caleb cut and painted the dowels for which the barn decorations will hang … tulle came the other day … can’t wait to start on those.

Such a lovely, learning, creative day. I so revel in those moments that I call ‘ah ha’ teacher/student moments. We had a few of those today at school. Yeah. And, actually had one for myself. I have been putting off setting up my Etsy store. Seemed like so many steps … and, honestly, I just didn’t want to do all of the picture taking, downloading, writing the descriptions, etc. without some moral support. Decided at 6 this morning that I must get it done today. By 8 am I was pretty set up … now I am finishing with the first round of photos and descriptions. By tomorrow, I will send a link and I hope everyone will check it out.

I am feeling quite certain that my blog etiquette is in need of improvement. I’m not really sure about this – for now, I will continue to babble, rant, talk, share … and I am trusting [as with the etsy store] that things will evolve into what they are supposed to be … hang in there with me, please … I think it will all be good.

Until tomorrow xo

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