Friday, March 18, 2011

fun fun fun friday

Things I love today

Today I love
                 Summer weather
                 Friendly humans
                 Netti pots
                 Old Dark Shadows Episodes
                  Seeing my daughter in her wedding gown
                  Sandi’s paintings
                  Celebrating birthdays of those I love – Donna - tomorrow

Spent today with Taylor and Becky … Becky did a wedding run-through with Tay’s hair … beautiful. Then to lunch at a new place in Cornelius. Pelican’s Patio – really good and so fun to sit outside … 80 degrees today; then to the tailor for a fitting with the dreamy wedding dress. Perfect.
Please continue to send light and love to everyone in Japan … such an amazing culture they have going there – working together – caring for one another – in the midst of such severe adversity, they are connecting with one another , staying hopeful and working to be in today and rebuild tomorrow … As it always should be.
In another piece of the world …
This is an amazing organization - They are doing much great work …

Until tomorrow xo♥  

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