Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Happy first day of March ...

I am so ready for Spring ...
My plan for this day was to start talking about planting ... garlic is sprouting ...

 I am so excited to get my garden ready for 'veggie season';
then, I read an amazing book that I really want to share.
Where to begin?
I received a book in the mail the other day ... and got up at 4 am so I could read it before starting my day.
That was five days ago, and it is still on my heart's mind constantly.Thank you, Rita.

My "Auto" Biography by Rita Walsh

Rita and I grew up in the same neighborhood in Hingham, Massachusetts ... many years ago. Reading her beautiful book took me back to 'the neighborhood' ... to the kids, the fams, the connections, the neighborhood togetherness. Her book is, clearly, deeper than our neighborhood antics ... though it brought me back to, and through, so much.
It makes me revisit writing a biography of sorts ... hmmmm ... maybe.

Rita exposes her heart and shares in a way that we can all relate to. If you would like to read her beautiful [heart wrenching] story - contact her at ritamama23@yahoo.com 

There are many things happening around here ... registration for summertime thinking camp - which I am so excited about ... the kids so love being in the woods, exploring nature, building, creating, and so much more. This year, I am going to stretch myself [i think] and we just may do some fishing ... eeeek ... I can do this, right?
If you know anyone who would love for their child to have a wonderful camp experience, let them know about Academic Illumination Camp ... always learning fun!

much more to come ... hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful first day of March.
Until tomorrow xxoo

Monday, January 11, 2016

It's monday xxoo

Happy New Year!

I've been writing 'my babblings' for  days ... I thought it was to share. I realized this morning that it was just my therapy. I may share some in the days to come.
I spewed to you all, a bit ago, about a school that keeps me up at night.
This morning I awoke with the knowingness, that as parents, we are holding the life keys.
We trust - we hope - that the learning facility in which we entrust our little hearts will honor them and envelope them as they embark on their educational journey. xxoo

I am writing a series of educational articles - and I really need/want your heart-felt responses, please.

All children are supposed to go to school (although homeschooling is a delightful option) - if your child was not being honored for the person they are (and all they will be) would you stay and hope for the best? Or change it up today? And why? Thank you xxoo

Until tomorrow xxoo

Saturday, November 21, 2015

today, I apologize

I haven't written my blog in so long ... I have so missed sharing ... though have been so in my own head that I wasn't sure I would make much sense. I'm trying to embrace this semi-retired 'thing'. Goal being to be able to work with children/families part time and spend time writing all of the 'stuff' I've been collecting up in this brain of mine. Send energy, please.

Let's start with the wonderful. Camp here has been beautiful. Happy kids exploring nature and loving being together ... wonderful. I am so grateful that I am blessed with the opportunity to work with children and their families - building that true love for oneself and love for learning.

Summer gardening was much better this year. Lots of veggies ... which I love. 

Today, my apology comes from the core of my soul. That may sound dramatic ... but, it isn't. It is real.
During the last school year, I was privileged to work with Thunderbird Prep Academy in Cornelius, North Carolina. Patty Moreira was the managing director at the time. I had [and continue to have] such respect for her, and all that she stood for; that I went 'way' outside of my comfort zone and joined a traditional charter school. I loved their charter and I was moved by their mission statement. It was a dream come true for me. A large school [compared to my small private Montessori school], working inside of semi-traditional guidelines, working toward appreciating each child as an individual. Their 7 habits program and overall curriculum being a strength-based leadership program was so exciting for me. I recommended the school to many. I whole-heartedly believed in all that they were standing for.

The first year of any school is a struggle. Many hiccups and so much to organize, create, and balance. Thunderbird had more of their share of those. And, In my opinion, Patty handled them all with professional grace. It is always difficult to please all of the people all of the time - and because of certain forces, Patty left her position as managing director. I was beyond sad. After a couple of months of 'sulking', I decided I would meet with the new interim director and see if returning in the fall would work for me. At first, I thought it might be okay ... quickly, for reasons I will talk about later ... I decided I could not return. The charter I was so 'married' to was not going to be the basic formula for this school year. So sad.

I separated myself from the job situation ... though, how do you separate yourself from the beautiful children and their families that trusted you when you encouraged them to try this new, beautiful learning experience.? This school year has been great for some - beyond awful for others. The military-like environment is so far from the original charter. I understand [yet, i really dont] that some people like that type of environment for their children. Not me. Happy, comfortable, respected children ... learn and love to learn.

Z is 6 [just 6], I have been connected to him and his family for years. He tells me that he doesn't like school anymore and he really can't talk about it. - he won't even read with me anymore ... because it is work. ugh. R is 6 as well. He has been reading at a 5th grade level for the past year+. Now, he will only read what he calls 'little kid books' because it makes him fit better. Silly, I may be - but I think of many of these kids each day ... wondering if their beautiful differences are appreciated and embraced.

Hence, my apology. When I encouraged families to join this school, I was sure. I knew that there would be glitches in the first year ... but, I was sure that the heart and soul of all that it stood for would be more than beneficial to all children and would be embracing all families. In my educational/emotional opinion, this is no longer the situation. For that ... I am sorry.

There are many things we don't know [at least me], but, what I do know ... our children deserve an educational environment that raises them up, encompasses/includes the belief system of their families, and offers them an educational experience that works within their personal learning system.

Let's talk about education ... send me a post ... education has been my life ... our children are the most important. As parents, friends, etc ... we must stand up and make certain that our children are receiving the absolute best that they deserve.

Always remembering ... it does take a village ... together, we can do it ...

Until tomorrow xxoo

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It's a wonderful life

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful Wednesday! I surely am … reveling in each moment; as we have only two more days until summer camp comes to an end.
A summer filled with making memories. The back to nature little house on the prairie notions seemed to be just the thing. Many days, I felt as if I was back in time … back [100 years ago] when walking to the creek, catching frogs, swinging from trees, skipping rocks, swimming, running, picnics, reading under a shade tree, and much more, with our friends ... all part of the perfect summer day. 


Today, watching our newest buds on the moon flowers is a bit like ‘a watched pot doesn’t boil’ … it must bloom again before we leave on Friday. We all have faith that it will.

A few stops in time, lately:

making robots

creating the coolest town around

 Close up butterfly [love] studies

 Beautiful paintings ... for school calendar covers

D hung up his floaties

T has the dog paddle down 

The pups love their new outside spot ...they really love being able to be outside with us.

Only two more days of this summer fun together ...

I really hope many of you will stop by on Saturday … Those of you who know me, know I love it best when my home is filled with many hearts. Email me for address/directions … thanks xo  cpatriciaa@aol.com

Open House
Academic Illumination Day School and PatriciaA Wearable Art xo
with Usborne Book Fair
Saturday, August 23, 2014
2-5 pm
My home – Stanley, North Carolina

Until tomorrow xxoo

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Another Terrific Thursday

Only one more week of summer camp and before we know it the school year begins. This summer has been such fun … and it flew by. The weather has been perfect; and we have enjoyed so many activities out here in the woods.

Rainy days are so much fun. Yesterday everyone loved watching Paw Patrol and then creating their own show with Paw Patrol toys … fun fun fun!

Measuring everything in sight today … we are getting that inch/foot thing down! Cooking was extra fun, too. We created a recipe for pup treats that are perfectly fine for humans as well. Measuring, mixing, rolling and cutting … such anticipation … pure excitement. I so love that.

Our hummingbird friend ... hangs out with us every morning. 

I'm feeling extra grateful, today, as I watch the kids revel in working and playing together. It has been an amazing summer. They have all enjoyed much and grown much ... I am excited to begin the new school year with the same joy-filled energy.

Please stop by
Open House
Academic Illumination Day School and PatriciaA Wearable Art xo
with Usborne Book Fair
Saturday, August 23, 2014
2-5 pm
My home – Stanley, North Carolina

 Until tomorrow xxoo

Friday, August 8, 2014

It is a fine Friday

Open House
Academic Illumination Day School and Patricia A Wearable Art xo
with Usborne Book Fair
Saturday, August 23, 2014
2-5 pm
My home – Stanley, North Carolina - Please stop by

I haven’t posted much about my gardens this year. Mainly because until this morning I thought my green thumb had vanished. Many of my gardening friends have been enjoying fruits and vegetables from their gardens for a month. Me ... a few tomatoes. During the night, something happened and the kids and I couldn't be happier. More tomatoes … new cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, yellow squash and spaghetti squash … all flowers turned to fruit during the night. So exciting.

It is a cloudy day here in the woods. I guess this weekend is supposed to be stormy. Probably a good thing … I will have no excuse to not finish [or at least work on] the many projects I have begun. One being the book club book; I have not been reading as much as I had planned. I am having a time trying to get into this book. Has anyone read The Signature of all Things by Elizabeth Gilbert? I love her, so I feel certain I will become more engaged with it soon. Hope … Hope.

We all enjoyed another wonderful week of camp. Our walks in the woods have become a real highlight of the day. Everyone enjoys looking for critters [we came upon a very cool turtle yesterday], collecting and counting pine cones, trying to avoid walking through spider webs, enjoying the waterfall while spying fish in the creek, and so much more … lizards and frogs are definitely a fav for all. 

Our second moon flower is blooming. They are so beautiful and smell so nice. 

 I know some people tell me that they think morning glories are hideous weeds ... well, I love them.

I hope everyone enjoys a beautiful weekend. I plan to be very productive here. Please mark your calendars for the Open House - August 23rd. I would love to have my home filled with friends ... 

Until tomorrow xxoo