Friday, August 8, 2014

It is a fine Friday

Open House
Academic Illumination Day School and Patricia A Wearable Art xo
with Usborne Book Fair
Saturday, August 23, 2014
2-5 pm
My home – Stanley, North Carolina - Please stop by

I haven’t posted much about my gardens this year. Mainly because until this morning I thought my green thumb had vanished. Many of my gardening friends have been enjoying fruits and vegetables from their gardens for a month. Me ... a few tomatoes. During the night, something happened and the kids and I couldn't be happier. More tomatoes … new cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, yellow squash and spaghetti squash … all flowers turned to fruit during the night. So exciting.

It is a cloudy day here in the woods. I guess this weekend is supposed to be stormy. Probably a good thing … I will have no excuse to not finish [or at least work on] the many projects I have begun. One being the book club book; I have not been reading as much as I had planned. I am having a time trying to get into this book. Has anyone read The Signature of all Things by Elizabeth Gilbert? I love her, so I feel certain I will become more engaged with it soon. Hope … Hope.

We all enjoyed another wonderful week of camp. Our walks in the woods have become a real highlight of the day. Everyone enjoys looking for critters [we came upon a very cool turtle yesterday], collecting and counting pine cones, trying to avoid walking through spider webs, enjoying the waterfall while spying fish in the creek, and so much more … lizards and frogs are definitely a fav for all. 

Our second moon flower is blooming. They are so beautiful and smell so nice. 

 I know some people tell me that they think morning glories are hideous weeds ... well, I love them.

I hope everyone enjoys a beautiful weekend. I plan to be very productive here. Please mark your calendars for the Open House - August 23rd. I would love to have my home filled with friends ... 

Until tomorrow xxoo

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