Monday, February 24, 2014

I Love Mondays

Happy Monday

What a beautiful weekend it was here in the woods. Sun shining and the temperature was perfect. I do wish winter would stay away … I am ready for Springtime and veggie planting. 

The past few weeks of crazy winter weather kept many inside. It is so nice to be outside and comfortable. The ‘stay indoors’ time was great in many ways. I tackled projects that had been weighing on my mind, while also taking steps toward figuring out the paths for this next phase of my life. 

On Friday, the kids loved being outside in the fresh air. I love that they enjoy ‘old fashioned’ games … playing hopscotch was a blast.

Until I began seeing a nutritionist [Carol Goodwin] I thought I knew about food and how to eat healthy. I was so wrong. I am so grateful to Marley and Taylor for setting this up for me. I love learning new things … and I am getting quite an education. I’ve gained a pound a week … and plan to continue that for another 10 pounds. Becoming a more conscious eater is great, and has helped me to enjoy food much more. And, as is true with many things … a bit of knowledge does make people become pains in the ass … I am preaching about quality food and the balance our  body needs … I’ll try to be better – though, probably won't. 

Until tomorrow xo

Monday, February 10, 2014

I love Mondays

I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely weekend. I surely did. The weather was perfect here in the woods. Having the chance to work a bit on the yard was fun. Still much to do before Spring arrives. I know I am ahead of myself here, but I am starting to sprout some seeds … getting ready for a fabulous garden season.

I am hoping to have the greenhouse constructed by the end of the month. Then I will have a great starting place and a winter growing spot, as well. Excited!
It looks as though we will be getting some more decent snow during the next few days. It’s a shame to have to cancel school again … but I love that the kids are getting to see a bit of snow this year.

Until tomorrow xxoo

Sunday, February 9, 2014

I love Mondays

I enjoyed a lovely lunch with two beautiful friends yesterday … and then fought the craziness at Walmart. I try to keep my Walmart visits to a minimum, though when I have much to get, it seems to be the best place to go.

I recently began seeing a nutritionist; trying to get this 60 year old body in perfect shape. Today I begin my new meal plan. I am pretty excited about it. Eating isn’t one of my favorite things to do, so easing into adding calories each day is a challenge – one I have enjoyed during the past week. The goal is to gain 15 pounds in three months, while beginning a new exercise program. Gained two pounds last week … I’m going to do this!

I love these Queenism thoughts that I receive each day.

The new year has already been filled with much new … improving the quality of my life, in every way.

A bittersweet piece is that after the end of this school year I will no longer be joined with The Lake Norman Learning Center. The interest in growing from preschool to elementary school in the same space has not worked as we hoped/anticipated. For as much as I love what I do each day, I have been working way too much;  leaving little time to revel in other aspects of my life.

After speaking with many of our families – I am moved to tears [over and over again] with the love and support. Thank you all for being you!

Today I am not certain of my next life step in regard to work. Academic Illumination Day School may move to a new location and offer programs for elementary school,  wilderness camps, tutoring/enrichment, adult classes [computer science, jewelry making, and more]; or I may decide to work in another school environment – or a new career beginning??? I have given myself eight weeks to make this life-changing decision.
The weather this weekend has been gorgeous. Out working in the back yard, preparing for summer camp – listening to Leon Russell …  came in to hear that by Wednesday we will have snow yet again – yikes … I am so ready for Spring.

Until tomorrow xxoo

Monday, February 3, 2014

I love Mondays

I love Mondays.
And what a beautiful Monday morning it is. When I went out with the pups this morning, it felt like a warm, Spring day. Rain is on the way though … I’ll take rainy warm over cold any day. 

I read these ‘Queenism’ blurbs everyday … and, of course, all of the thoughts are ones we should already know and practice, but I think it is nice to read them and remind ourselves. I know I surely need reminding. It may seem silly to some, but we need to speak kindly to/about ourselves. Please keep that in mind today … appreciate yourself ... cherish yourself.

Until tomorrow xxoo

Saturday, February 1, 2014


February 1, 2014
Thanks so much for all of your positive input and welcoming me back to blog-land.
February is here and it is a beautiful, sunny Saturday in the woods.
Temps are creeping up to 50 today – yeah! It isn’t 50 yet, so I am inside sorting through all that I brought back from Spain to create a memory book for Marley and Me. We had such a fun trip, back in October. I can’t wait to go back – especially to Barcelona.

I watched a dog training show this morning. The guy made it look so easy. I wrote everything down that he was doing … DJ, and I, are going to start a new kind of practice. Lewis is a pretty easy pup, and Dodge is getting surer of herself. DJ is perfect in many ways … just weighs as much as I do, and thinks it’s okay to be ‘the walker’ of me rather than the other way around. Please think good thoughts and send me energy. I met a lovely woman at the store today. She had three children and a newly rescued dog in her car … she was purchasing new dog things … they were all so excited to get their new family member home. I so love that. If I had a larger home/yard, I am sure my fam would include many more dogs … and a goat. I’ve wanted a goat since Caleb spoke of ‘fainting goats’ a few years ago. 

Sorry, I am kinda bland/boring today – I am certain I will be on a new rant tomorrow … 
a really important food for thought:
Hope everyone is having a beauteous Saturday ...
until tomorrow xo