Thursday, March 31, 2011

another terrific thursday

The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence,
the second listening, the third memory,
the fourth practice, the fifth teaching others.
Solomon Gabriol

I don’t know too much about Solomon Gabriol – though totally agree with the above …

Things I love today

Homemade bread
Quiet hours
Red nail polish
New opportunities
Cold slaw

I hear the sun is supposedly going to grace us with its presence for a bit tomorrow. I so hope it will. This gloomy weather gets my spirit feeling blah.

I may have adopted a pregnant cat. She is the cutest little thing. She looks far too young to be a momma. I can’t figure out who she belongs with … and she has been hanging around [looking at the birds too much] for a couple of weeks, so I decided I better feed her. She needs to eat, and I love all of the birds she has had her eyes on. I set up a little space for her in the laundry room. A soft dog bed, next to her food and water … she seems comfy.

Pork Sausage with Honeyed Red Cabbage
This new recipe came out so good … delicious … it was a yummy dinner last night and then lunch again today. The photo doesn’t do it justice … I tried.

Week 4 … News from the Garden:

In spite of the rain and the cold, the plants are doing pretty well. I have been concerned about them all during the past week; usually covering them up at night and/or moving them around hoping to give them a comfortable place to bloom and grow – bloom and grow. The lettuce seems to be thriving in the cold‘ness’.  And most of the plants grew during this weird weather week. The ones that didn’t [most herbs, green pepper and spaghetti squash] I didn’t take new photos of … hoping for growth from them next week. I am hoping that sunshine for a couple of days will give all of them a great spurt of strength and growing. 
 cherry tomatoes
 mixed greens
 yellow [summer] squash
 wedding flowers

March seemed, for me, to fly by. I can’t believe tomorrow is April 1st. Love that it is going to be April … filled with warm weather and beauteous flowers everywhere. I do have an issue [challenge ... something] with April 1st being April Fools Day. Grrrrr. In all of my years on this planet [this time], I have yet to encounter intelligent humor on this ‘jokester’ day. I will be pretty much in hermit mode tomorrow.

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Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.
Louisa May Alcott
Happy Day!
Until tomorrow xo♥  

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

wet wednesday

Education means inspiring someone’s mind, not just filling their head.
       - Katie Lusk
Things I love today

Red wine
Hot tea
Intelligent conversation

I’m not a big complainer – though today I guess I am. I am so not enjoying this weather at all. After the drought a few years ago, I am grateful we are getting adequate rain. Just mixing in a bit more sunshine, Mother Nature, would work best for me and my plants. My little veggies are drowning, and I am feeling like it would be a good day to stay in bed with a book. My [dog] Sam is petrified of thunder – so most of the night he ran around the house, looking for a place to hide. I feel so badly for him. I was hoping he’d outgrow this fear; not yet.              
We had a great school-learning day. I still so love it when I see ‘the lights go on’ …  Documentary about the Mayan 2012 enigma sparked great conversation and ‘wonder’ … well-done piece.

I haven’t made this recipe yet; I am trying it tonight. It looks so yummy. I may add/subtract a few things … not certain yet. Replace pork sausage with veggie sausage, and may add some green and yellow peppers.
Thought you might enjoy the original that I received yesterday from – I get recipes daily from this site … many great ones.

Pork Sausage with Honeyed Red Cabbage

2 best quality lean pork sausages
1 small head of red cabbage (approximately 1 pound), thinly sliced
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 medium onion, diced
1 teaspoon mustard seeds
4 whole cloves
10 whole Sichuan or black peppercorns
3 tablespoons red wine vinegar
3 tablespoons honey

Slice the cabbage thinly, and soak in a bowl of cold water for 15 minutes. You’ll get this gorgeous royal purple water (which will stain your hands and your clothes – so please, wear an apron!

Meanwhile, in a large
non-reactive heavy skillet (stainless steel) or a Dutch oven (I use my enameled Le Crueset), brown the sausages with the olive oil. Add onion and spices, sauté until just starting to color. Deglaze with honey and vinegar. Then quickly throw in the cabbage, drained of purple water.

Lower the heat a bit and sauté for 15-20 minutes. I like my cabbage al dente – but if you like yours fondant, keep cooking, adding a little water along the way.

Serve the sausages on a bed of cabbage with Dijon mustard, and a sturdy Cote de Rhone.

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Tomorrow I am going to add these rag rugs to my Etsy Store. Each is a custom order … size, color, etc.  I love creating these – with cutting strips of [about 1” wide] fabric [all types of material/fabric], tie ends [leaving floppy rag ends] and rolling into balls and then crocheting with the fabric. Neat crochet on one side, the other side has rags hanging all over [your choice of sides]. Fun to make … and it makes the perfect rug for any room … different - artsy - fun.
The one in the photo is in my hallway … I have many. And hope to make many more custom orders.

If we are to have real peace, we must begin with the children.
- Mahatma Gandhi

Only five weeks until the dreamy wedding day … still much to do; I better get to it …

Until tomorrow xo♥  

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

GIVE-A-WAY Tuesday

We don't remember days; we remember moments.
Cesare Pavese


Things I love today
Time with Donna
Celebrating Katy
Mashed potatoes
My gas station
Finishing ‘stuff’
The book – Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard
The weather continues to be chilly ... and the sun is shining brightly. Yeah. My whole spirit is different when the sun is shining. I’m feeling lighter and emotional at the same time. So grateful for this beauteous day… my veggies are going to love it after 3 days of rain, rain, rain. I think it is time for a GIVE-A-WAY. 

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‘favorite piece of wearable art’ 
Drawing for giveaway at Noon on April 5th

It did turn out to be an emotional day for me … felt like crying all day – and then I watched [a repeat of] Oprah with Marie Osmond … that did it … cried like crazy for an hour. Feels pretty good to flush some stuff out.

I accomplished so much today in the midst of my emotional‘ness’. Home and school life are in order here – work plans for the next month all finished. The living room is turning [nicely] into a [1/2] PatriciaA shop and [1/2] wedding decoration shop, I found a wonderful woman [thanks Donna] for wedding catering, got a new coffee maker [I’m sure Caleb will  be happy to have his coffee maker back], ordered the flea stuff for the members of the fam that need that, finished Taylor’s shower gift, purchased a grape plant and asparagus roots [to add to my array of fruits and veggies to plant in the new garden soon], did a bit of marketing for the new businesses, and created a couple of new recipes … life is good. Wow – productive day.

Tomorrow should be cold and rainy again – yuck – lots of inside work to do … it’s all good.
Feeling so grateful today … xo
Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions.
Albert Einstein

I hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful day … Dancing with the Stars – tonite – Go Kirstie
 i'm not sure what is happening with all the underlining stuff - can't seem to get it to go away ...

Until tomorrow xo♥  

Monday, March 28, 2011

murky monday

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.
~John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Things I love today 
Sleeping late  
Glass beads 
Folded laundry                                                                                                                                   Sewing                                                                                                                                              Checking stuff off of my list                                                                                              Watching The Talk                                                                                                                             Morning Texts
Another cold, rainy day … yuck … it will give my procrastinating self the push to get some inside of the home work done. I know we need the rain though I am missing the spring weather we had for a few weeks.  Weather people say this week will be cold and rainy most of the time. I want Spring back – now!
I was searching my files this morning for collections of quotes for Krista and came upon this poem I wrote in 2007. Usually when I find past pieces of writing I see a gazillion changes I would make … not this one; love it just as it is. What do you think?

I dream for a time …                                                                  May, 2007

I dream for a time when all children are able to learn happily – a time when learning is always invigorating and fun – a time when learning isn’t about reading someone else’s ideas in a book, often leaving kids with prejudice and bias – but a time when children [and adults] learn through doing/seeing/being – thinking with one’s heart and appreciating that every person on this planet has equal value.

I dream for a time when learning isn’t a measure of ‘us against them’ – a time when our academic and life learning energies encompass all – a time when we know that knowledge is the key … the key to encouraging the young, the old … everyone.

I dream for a time when the borders of countries dissolve and we truly become well-meaning citizens of an amazing world … A time when we as humans do not feel it necessary to inflate our personal egos at the expense of others. A time when humans are not put down and judged because of gender, learning styles, skin color, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, monetary worth, desire to be married, desire to have children, desire to adopt children … whether it be from the country in which we reside or from a small community in Africa.

I dream of a time when we all realize it is our responsibility to take  care of our neighbors.

I dream of a time when we all choose to work through our fears, rather than allowing those fears to inflict daily pain on ourselves and others.

I dream of a time when we, as humans of the world, are comfortable and proud of who we are as individuals … accepting that we all ‘get to be’ different – ‘get to feel’ differently – growing and learning from one another – embracing our sameness, while becoming intrigued with and blossoming from, our differences.

I dream of a time when we stop looking for others to blame for unsettling home and world issues; looking within for honest and honorable life paths and solutions.

I dream of a time when I, as a guider of children, never have to dry eyes and help to heal hurts because children and adults alike have berated young souls because they learn differently, look differently, speak differently, move differently …

I dream for the time that as parents, we have the heart and the guts to tell our children that calling others derogatory names is not ever in jest – it serves only to infiltrate young minds to grow with and to continue the insanity …

I dream for the time that we completely care for the planet we were given – whether we all agree on how we acquired it, and/or how we arrived upon it. Global warming may be a political term that, as humans, we just can’t agree on – our planet wasn’t really built for all that our progress has inflicted upon it – together we can make this beautiful land a more healthy place for future generations.

I dream for a time when we smile at everyone – men, women, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, heterosexuals, homosexuals, African Americans, all shades of white Americans, Asians and all citizens of the world –

I dream for a time when adults realize that giving toy guns to children begins the desire to shoot and to kill.

I dream for a time when we can enjoy all colors because we like them … not concerning ourselves with pink being for girls and blue being for boys.

I dream for a time when all humans seek the good in one another, rather than quickly acknowledging the bad … a day when respect becomes the only necessary rule.

And … this year …
During this school year, I had the opportunity to spend my days with 13 amazing students and their families. We laughed, researched, cried, discussed, yelled, debated and hugged our way through many preconceived notions. As we left the fear behind and dug in to honest learning, we became more intelligent, more heart strong, more accountable, more honorable, and so much more real than any of us ever imagined.

In our small and significant circle of the world, I lived my dream … 15 people, ages 7 to 55, with chaotic harmony, embraced the differences, appreciated the baggage each human carries; as we stood covering each other’s backs and hearts … knowing – we are all connected – we are all related – neighbors from all around our world – where we are so much more the same than we are different.

Love crossing things off of my list today.  Feels great … I really accomplished a lot … still much to do. Took a break and watched my new favorite TV show – The Talk … I love them all; love Sharon Osborne extra. I’m looking forward to Dancing with the Stars … I am going to take ballroom dancing lessons – soon. I know I keep saying that … I will do it.

Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity; it must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all.
~William Faulkner

New give-a-way starts tomorrow xo
I hope everyone is having a great start to a wonderful week.

Until tomorrow xo♥  

Saturday, March 26, 2011

stormy saturday

Things I love today

            Afternoon naps
            Little House on the Prairie
            Wearing headbands
            Hot dogs

The weather wasn’t perfect for a yard sale today. We got started early and had a few sales [grateful grateful], and then it started to rain. Pretty cold, too. It’s all good; we will try again in a couple of weeks. For the next couple of weeks the patio is going to look kinda weird packed with stuff …

I did have a visit [right after we closed down the yard sale] from my friendly Jehovah Witness woman. She brought backup today … So determined they are … they just won’t give up on me. Clearly, I appreciate their tenacity.

I know I’m a dork … the best thing about this rainy, cold day was wrapping myself in a blanket and watching the Little House on the Prairie marathon. I did nap a bit … and ran to the store [quickly] and now on hour 4. May sew and work on Taylor’s secret gift, while watching for a few more hours.

On the way home from the store, I saw [and stopped] the humane society with puppies in front of the tractor store. I drove in and parked. If someone was watching me, they would have thought I was crazy. I was talking to myself … ‘no, Pattie, you can not get another dog right now.’ ‘Life is too busy and too crazy to train a puppy’. On and on the convo with myself went …
And, I was sad, and proud with myself, that I actually [slowly] drove away.

These two buddies have to be it for right now …
 Karma B

Sending much light and love to Mammy today xo

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend

Until tomorrow xo♥  

Friday, March 25, 2011

frazzled friday

Gratitude is the best attitude.
~Author Unknown
Things I love today
               Good Morning America
               Old friends
               Tired puppies
Today is another beautiful day here in the woods. It did get down to freezing last night … covered up the veggies and they made it through just fine. Much work to do today. I had a relaxing evening last night of drinking wine and watching tv … doing lots of nothing. I needed that. And today, the work ahead is extensive. One more cup of coffee and I must attack it.
On a roll now … get rid of – get rid of – get rid of … I think if I do this type of thing too far in advance of the ‘getting rid of’ date, I would keep looking at the stuff, thinking of what I could use it for, how much I liked it, etc. It works best to do this last minute for me … 
later - later:
Exhausted right now … accomplished much. Not all, of course. I’ll rise at 4:30 a.m. to finish. So much stuff outside; ready to go. It may rain – which so sucks – hoping the beauteous rain [that we really need] will wait until after noon tomorrow. I must sell all of this stuff … if I look at it too much longer, I know I’ll start taking stuff back – eeeekkkk.
Such a great day. New kinds of flowers. Burning the edges of material – sounded like a strange concept until we did it … and now I am obsessed.  Can’t wait to post pictures – must wait until after the wedding. They are beautiful … and will aid in the creation of beautiful, dreamy bouquets. Yeah.
Good thoughts please for selling all of the stuff tomorrow. I so don’t want to bring it all back inside …
Hope everyone had a fabulous Friday and you are all ready for a perfect weekend. xo
Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings,  
             turn routine jobs into joy, and change 
            ordinary opportunities into blessings.
~William Arthur Ward
Until tomorrow xo♥  

Thursday, March 24, 2011

tremendous thursday

I love this one … thanks again Krista
We either make ourselves happy or miserable.
The amount of work is the same.
~ Carlos Castaneda
so true xo

Things I love today

   My new [short] haircut
               Sitting on the patio
               Netti pot
               The squirrels moving back outside from their winter home in my attic
               Tay’s coffee pot
               Sharp scissors
               Glue sticks

A bit of stress this morning – when I went to get a cup of coffee to find that it wasn’t made … coffee maker bit the dust. Grrr. Coffee maker and router in the same week.
How grateful I am today [and everyday] that Taylor lives right next door … ran over, borrowed the coffee maker … nice. Thank you thank you.

Week 3 – fun times with veggie growing

I am really excited to share new veggie photos with you. This week has been amazing for all of those little guys trying to grow up to the sun. We have had perfect weather everyday.
Plenty of sunshine. I still have all of the pots [now 50+] perched on the front lawn … the best sun all day long.
I water them early in the morning and again in the evening. Many of them are yelling ‘get me into the real ground’, though I am hesitant. I think I will keep them safely growing in their little pots until we are as close to certain as we can be that Spring is here to stay.

cherry tomatoes
dill - peeking through a tad
 mixed greens
 little bits of parsley
 yellow squash

Sunday I will begin to prepare the garden space for planting. I am so grateful for the larger garden. It is going to be perfect; adorned with my new signs. Even if my ‘self-sufficient’ experiment fails, it will be a pretty garden. Ha.
I have been visualizing how my new back yard will look in a couple of months … can’t wait to get started on it.

Most of what is growing here in my yard now I will leave. With the exception of digging up my two rose bushes and transplanting them in the new yard. Last year was the first time I ever got roses to really bloom beautifully. Don’t want to lose those bushes. I hope they take well to being forced to move. We shall see.

I do get passionate about stuff and often get carried. I have decided to add fruits to my gardening experiment. I don’t know much about growing fruit – well, last year I did do fairly well with my one strawberry pot. I have been collecting pear seeds and I have lemon and lime seeds ready. I planted lemon seeds last year – they haven’t come up yet … not sure if they are planning to, and I am going to give it another shot. Would like a blueberry bush, maybe other berries, too. Everyone says growing avocados is challenging. I love a challenge – so I am going to give that a try too … Who knows, if this experiment of mine goes well, I could feed the whole neighborhood – how cool that would be. I think I will try getting a part-time job at a nursery … hands on learning is my best way.

One thing I am not passionate about is dissection. This week is frog week – yuck. 
I love frogs. Again, grateful grateful for interactive internet sites. I know Zack wishes that we had ‘real’ dissection. I found him 'close up' dissection videos – he likes them; they make me ill. That’s as close as he’ll get to cutting up living things around here. Everyone is learning in their own way. All is happy here.

Last night was fun night at Taylor’s [thanks for the yummy dinner; I’ll be over for left-overs] with Becky and Amy. Becky cut my hair … major short … I love it. Thank you, Becky. I’m ready for summertime.
When I got home I sat on the patio and read … I’ve so missed that – spending 4 months inside isn’t for me.  I made the Saturday yard sale signs last night. Ready to put them up in the morning. This yard sale business isn’t something I am too good at … it’ll be fun to try. I already sold something this afternoon - thanks Angie xo

Tonight I should work preparing for the yard sale, though I think that may have to wait until the morning. I’m thinking a glass of wine and a good book on the patio … and keep watching those veggies grow.

Friday is dreamy wedding work day. Cloth flower-making is first on the agenda and then on to the long list that awaits us. Fun … love spending the day with Taylor. I am still keeping my 'mom emotions' in check ... after the job is done, I will turn back into 'heart on your sleeve mom'. We have eight pots like the one below with [we hope] flowers for the wedding. Taylor thinks I am too hopeful – she doesn’t think they will be ready in 6 weeks … I won’t let go of the hope though. If we have to buy more flowers, we will – it would be nice to have centerpieces made from our home-grown flowers … think positive, growing thoughts please.

Thanks so much for all of the positive words about my garden signs.
If you haven’t seen them, please check them out and let me know
what you think … xo
You're alive. Do something.
The directive in life, the moral imperative was so uncomplicated.
It could be expressed in single words, not complete sentences.
It sounded like this: Look. Listen. Choose. Act.

~ Barbara Hall

I hope everyone had a tremendous Thursday …
Until tomorrow xo♥