Tuesday, March 29, 2011

GIVE-A-WAY Tuesday

We don't remember days; we remember moments.
Cesare Pavese


Things I love today
Time with Donna
Celebrating Katy
Mashed potatoes
My gas station
Finishing ‘stuff’
The book – Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard
The weather continues to be chilly ... and the sun is shining brightly. Yeah. My whole spirit is different when the sun is shining. I’m feeling lighter and emotional at the same time. So grateful for this beauteous day… my veggies are going to love it after 3 days of rain, rain, rain. I think it is time for a GIVE-A-WAY. 

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and share with me your favorite piece of PatriciaA wearable art.
  GIVE-A-WAY:  a beautiful PatriciaA Wearable Art brass and crystal bead necklace 

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‘favorite piece of wearable art’ 
Drawing for giveaway at Noon on April 5th

It did turn out to be an emotional day for me … felt like crying all day – and then I watched [a repeat of] Oprah with Marie Osmond … that did it … cried like crazy for an hour. Feels pretty good to flush some stuff out.

I accomplished so much today in the midst of my emotional‘ness’. Home and school life are in order here – work plans for the next month all finished. The living room is turning [nicely] into a [1/2] PatriciaA shop and [1/2] wedding decoration shop, I found a wonderful woman [thanks Donna] for wedding catering, got a new coffee maker [I’m sure Caleb will  be happy to have his coffee maker back], ordered the flea stuff for the members of the fam that need that, finished Taylor’s shower gift, purchased a grape plant and asparagus roots [to add to my array of fruits and veggies to plant in the new garden soon], did a bit of marketing for the new businesses, and created a couple of new recipes … life is good. Wow – productive day.

Tomorrow should be cold and rainy again – yuck – lots of inside work to do … it’s all good.
Feeling so grateful today … xo
Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions.
Albert Einstein

I hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful day … Dancing with the Stars – tonite – Go Kirstie
 i'm not sure what is happening with all the underlining stuff - can't seem to get it to go away ...

Until tomorrow xo♥  


  1. Hannah Hoover
    favorite is the overnight bag :)

  2. thanks Hannah - that bag is so fun xo

  3. My favorite are the crystal and pearl earrings. they are so delicate and pretty! love them!

  4. maybe they should be your wedding earrings?