Saturday, March 5, 2011

superb saturday

What an amazing day yesterday was. Floating on clouds at the start of the day … night before last and again last night I spoke with my brother … who I haven’t been in touch with since I was itty bitty.
amazing … amazing … happy … happy.

Taylor and I had a beauty-filled day of dreamy wedding stuff. It wasn’t quite as easy as we anticipated finding the paper and other supplies for the invitations … going from store to store for hours wasn’t our plan for the day – and, we still had so much fun. Invitations finished and looking beauteous. Yeah.

More dreamy wedding stuff today.
Taylor, Amy and I … and I will attempt a new salmon recipe for lunch.

Wedding planning and creating beauteous decorations just may be my new business.

How cute is this pom pom flower?

I love ‘Queen of your Life’

Facebook status a couple of days ago …
Ditch regret. Repeat after us: "I will not rent any further space in my head for regret. Regret gets an eviction notice as of today. From this moment forward, all slates are clean, all options are open and I get to choose how I view those options. So sayeth the Queen, without regrets."

If you haven’t checked out the new Etsy Shop, please do …

“Don’t dream your life. Live your dreams.” — Uschi Obermaier

Have a beautiful weekend …
Until tomorrow xo


  1. Those pom pom flowers are one of the cutest things I've ever seen! I want them everywhere :)

  2. aren't they ... so glad you love them ... gray ones coming next xxoo