Tuesday, March 22, 2011

thrilling tuesday

Things I love today

Today I love
                 Seeing Jacob
     Wii fit
                 Dancing with the Stars
                 Ayn Rand
                 Making stuff
                 Watching the birds in the make-shift birdbath

Another beautiful day. I so love this weather.

Things are feeling more doable now that I made the decision to move. As Taylor and Caleb won’t be having a garden this year, I can start moving my garden ‘stuff’ over there and getting the garden ready for all the veggies I plan to have growing like crazy.  The overwhelmed feeling has left me – yeah.

Major Biology time during the school day. I am so grateful for the internet … great diagrams, videos, and very close to true hands on learning, without the true hands on – no ‘real’ dissection is going to happen here.

Spring is everywhere now … hoping we will not get a [normal] frost or snow in April this year. The fish are so happy – having recently escaped their winter ice pockets, bigger and brighter … and very hungry.

I love things that grow – naturally – by themselves, with no assistance from me. Many people tell me they are weeds and I should get rid of them – how silly that would be – they are so beautiful, adorning the yard for a few weeks before the first mow of the season.

I added many new pieces of wearable art today
When I change the way I look at things,
the things I look at change.
Wayne Dyer

Until tomorrow xo♥  


  1. I love that photo of the fish!

  2. thanks - i am always amazed when they come out of their winter cocoons bigger and brighter - xxoo