Tuesday, March 15, 2011

thought-filled tuesday

Thinking of all in Japan and sending much light and love. 

Our first GIVE-AWAY-WINNER … congratulations, YANA
Yana said, “I would love to spend some time in Sicily, Italy. When I was there a few years ago I fell in love. The water is beautiful, the people friendly, great food, great wine. Life there is so laid back that I think I would be able to relax and loose myself in Me.”
That does sound like a perfect vacation spot … sending these earrings off to you …

Check out this site … beautiful work, http://www.jessicaswift.com/, and this morning I was reading her daily words – and these 3 sentences really spoke [no yelled] to me. Thank you, Jessica. Exactly what I needed to hear today … thank you … helping me to practice what I preach to others. grateful grateful.

“Every time I get scared and feel doubtful, I remind myself that the ideas that put butterflies into my stomach are the ideas that are most worth pursuing. That I'm not going to move forward if I don't venture into the unknown. That the universe has always given me exactly what I need, so why would this time be any different?”

I am excited to see the girls tonight … and their lovely bridesmaids dresses … can’t wait.

For the past few days I have been creating a surprise bridal shower gift for Taylor … can’t wait to put up a photo to share … not until after April 10th … don’t want her to see it yet.  I do love getting her curiosity going by writing about it now, though. Xo

My spirit is becoming more comfortable with the whole idea of ridding myself of my stuff … This was my new year’s resolution/promise to myself. As I began back in January, I became overwhelmed and turned my energy to creating. Since then the creating has been my justification/rationalization for not doing it. That is until Saturday when the disarray in my creating room became too much for me. As I began [once again] the cleaning, organizing, etc. process, I found it much easier to fill those boxes and bags with stuff.
So, moving on … this week:
I am selling books [bound and cds] … lots of books. 1$ per bound book and 5$ per book on cd. Years of collecting … 100s of great ones [fiction, non-fiction, textbooks, life guides, teacher info, and more] … time to start letting them go. After all, I have read them/listened to them … they need to move elsewhere now.  As do most of my teaching books/materials/lessons and more. If anyone would like to take a look, please let me know.

The best inheritance you can leave your kids is an example of
how to live a full and meaningful life. ~ Dan Zadra
new, must have, wearable art items for Spring up in the Etsy Shop today …

Until tomorrow xo♥                       

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  1. awesome, those are really cute. Thank you. Can't wait to go to Sicily again someday. Heading to Florida tomorrow and Danny is heading to Australia tomorrow. That would be awesome to visit too. Maybe one day. Thanks again for picking me. Miss you lots. Love you.