Saturday, March 12, 2011

sparkling saturday

A great quote to say to oneself first thing in the morning …
Queen of Your Own Life
It's mirror time. Look in the mirror and repeat after us: "I will live today on purpose. Time and place will not wash over me unnoticed. I will be present. I will participate in my day. I choose to experience this day fully and joyfully. I am here and I am worth it. So sayeth the Queen."

Yesterday was a beauteous day, filled with much laughter, great food and signs finished for the dreamy wedding.

Today was so fun … spent the day at my friend Donna’s – her daughter, Brenna, was having a jewelry sale … took some PatriciaA pieces  - sold a few – it was a fun afternoon.

Hope everyone is enjoying a beauteous weekend – Love this … what I see when I look through my kitchen window …

Tomorrow I want to rant a bit about kids and medicine …

I can’t wait to get down to Tampa and take part in one of my friend, Sandi’s, classes.

Until tomorrow xo


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