Monday, March 7, 2011

marvelous monday

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood … found myself humming that this morning … makes me smile. I miss Mr. Rogers. May sound silly – oh well - I often think of how beauteous life all-around would be if more people had a ‘Mr. Rogers’ attitude.

I so love Mondays.
It is quite a beautiful day in the neighborhood. After 2 days of much needed rain, the sun is shining, windows open … lovely lovely. The wedding flowers [and almost all of the veggies] are sprouting up all over the place … so excited. 


With the sun shining and the cool breeze blowing in, I am attacking the organization of the craft room … I’ve been feeling a tad overwhelmed by it lately … once I put things away, then I seem to lose my creative streak for a bit. Feeling happy and filled with energy today. Must do it now – the only way I can rid the room of the dust and refigure that I actually have to work with here.

Such a productive day … dyed hundreds of coffee filters for more flowers, made some more adorable pom pom flowers [yellow and gray], a great trip to Michaels for more supplies [found the doilies – yeah], did some work out in the back yard … I love the area around my ‘bumper sticker bench’ – soon there will be flowers everywhere – yeah. Intermittently, I worked on the craft room … the plan is to have it finished before I sleep tonight.

The salmon lunch came out so good … Taylor said she thinks it’s the best meal I have ever made … and I don’t suck at cooking.

A couple of days ago, I saw a ‘must see’ movie. Check it out … it is now on instant netflix. ‘My Name is Khan’ – it is a long movie 2hr 41 minutes – and so worth the watch.

If [when] all goes well tonight, dreamy wedding invitations will be in the mail tomorrow – yeah. Life is so good. What will we do with all of the time [we didn’t think we had before] we have spent on wedding-wedding-wedding, after the dreamy wedding on May 7th? I must make it work so that I can earn a living by creating all day long. I so love it. Hoping the Etsy Shop will be the start of that …

I continue to fill in my ‘best of your days booklet’ each day – as I stop for a moment and travel through my day before writing, it always reminds me of how much we have to be grateful for …
Just a thought – I have my school kids do this everyday: [1] a list of 10 things they are grateful for, [2] what did someone do for them today, [3] what did they do for someone else today … I think it is a nice heart-consciousness action each day … just takes a couple of minutes … helps spirits fill with light and love and much gratitude. You might want to give it a try.

Until tomorrow xo

For a community to be whole and healthy,
it must be based on people's love and concern for each other.
Millard Fuller


  1. Look at those tiny little sprouts! I am so thankful spring is around the corner. Warm weather makes me happy!

  2. I know - me too - everything is growing so nicely - we will definitely have many home-grown flowers for your dreamy wedding xxoo and thanks for the comments - i like getting comments