Monday, March 14, 2011

metaphysical monday

Happiness is not an accident, nor is it something you wish for.  Happiness is something you design.
~Jim Rohn
Got back to meditating this morning … so much clarity after that quiet, no thinking time. Thanks Zack. Our talks last week about meditation and our great discussions about spirituality, brought me back to what I know I should be doing each day. It is funny [not ha ha funny, though funny just the same] how things come back to us in a new and often enhanced level when we re-connect with the light inside of us. Energy galore.

For me, the light was always flickering [well – during the year from hell – probably smoldering] … I always knew in my mind’s heart that it was still there – and as it returns, brighter and brighter … it is pretty cool to remember, regroup and begin again.

Back in organizing mode today … seeing progress … yeah.
Amazing the things you find that you totally forgot you had. I love that. So many new creations running around in my head. Boxes and bags filled with ‘get rid of’ stuff … feels so good … leaves so much space [in many ways] to start new again tomorrow.

What you thought before has led to every choice you have made, and this adds up to you at this moment. If you want to change who you are physically, mentally, and spiritually, you will have to change what you think.
~ Dr. Patrick Gentempo

I have been thinking much about medicating kids … I realize that often times a need for medication is essential, though in many cases I feel as though medication is used as a replacement for manners, appropriateness; and for parents [and some teachers] who do not take the time and patience necessary to enhance their children’s honorable sense of self.  ‘Diagnosing’ often takes away accountability and responsibility.
What do you think?

Back to organizing my home life … Hope everyone is having a beautiful Monday.
You still have time to comment – your favorite vacation spot – giveaway drawing at noon tomorrow.
Thanks for all of the quotes, Krista. xo

Be happy. Talk happiness. Happiness calls out responsive gladness in others. There is enough sadness in the world without yours. Never doubt the excellence and permanence of what is yet to be. Join the great company of those who make the barren places of life fruitful with kindness. Your success and happiness lie in you. The great enduring realities are love and service. Resolve to keep happy and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.
~ Helen Keller
Until tomorrow xo♥              


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