Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy New Year

I can’t believe it is almost February. My plan was to begin my blog again the first of the new year. Time seems to fly by.  I don’t usually make ‘resolutions’ at the start of a new year. For 2014, I decided resolutions and promises to myself were a great idea. Some of my resolutions may seem cliché – like statements you read on posters, etc., but real for me: To be extra kind to myself … Create … Surround myself with people who make my heart soar … really be in each moment … spend more time in my home socializing with my friends … 2014 to be my year.  Please share some of your resolutions with me. 

One of the highlights of the year so far – Cherie and I enjoyed seeing/hearing Leon Russell at the Neighborhood Theatre a couple of weeks ago. He has always been my fav.

Other plans for this new year are many. I want to build a greenhouse. I am an amateur when it comes to building – any ideas/advice would be appreciated. I will take pics and share the process … ready to begin as soon as it warms up a bit. Last spring/summer was a very wet one, and my vegetable garden didn’t flourish. I wanted to get the green house ready to be functioning this winter … but, time got away from me. And, I am a wimp in the cold weather; and we have had much of that. Finally getting some snow was lovely. I am now ready for spring weather.

One of my biggest tasks was/is [making progress] to organize my studio. Getting everything set up so I can comfortably create. Hoping to finish many creations and get my Etsy Shop up and running again. 

Today and tomorrow are conference days at school. I love meeting with families to talk of all of the wonderful growing happenings with their children. 

I hope this new year will be filled with wonderful for all.
Until tomorrow xo