Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy New Year

I can’t believe it is almost February. My plan was to begin my blog again the first of the new year. Time seems to fly by.  I don’t usually make ‘resolutions’ at the start of a new year. For 2014, I decided resolutions and promises to myself were a great idea. Some of my resolutions may seem cliché – like statements you read on posters, etc., but real for me: To be extra kind to myself … Create … Surround myself with people who make my heart soar … really be in each moment … spend more time in my home socializing with my friends … 2014 to be my year.  Please share some of your resolutions with me. 

One of the highlights of the year so far – Cherie and I enjoyed seeing/hearing Leon Russell at the Neighborhood Theatre a couple of weeks ago. He has always been my fav.

Other plans for this new year are many. I want to build a greenhouse. I am an amateur when it comes to building – any ideas/advice would be appreciated. I will take pics and share the process … ready to begin as soon as it warms up a bit. Last spring/summer was a very wet one, and my vegetable garden didn’t flourish. I wanted to get the green house ready to be functioning this winter … but, time got away from me. And, I am a wimp in the cold weather; and we have had much of that. Finally getting some snow was lovely. I am now ready for spring weather.

One of my biggest tasks was/is [making progress] to organize my studio. Getting everything set up so I can comfortably create. Hoping to finish many creations and get my Etsy Shop up and running again. 

Today and tomorrow are conference days at school. I love meeting with families to talk of all of the wonderful growing happenings with their children. 

I hope this new year will be filled with wonderful for all.
Until tomorrow xo


  1. Beautiful!
    Lovely to have you back in the blogosphere! I've missed you!
    Love you!
    Peace, love, and light.

  2. You are so amazing at what you do in the classroom with our Children, fun to see you in another light this a.m....

  3. Thank you Kristy - can't wait to be back with all of my little guys on Monday xxoo