Saturday, February 1, 2014


February 1, 2014
Thanks so much for all of your positive input and welcoming me back to blog-land.
February is here and it is a beautiful, sunny Saturday in the woods.
Temps are creeping up to 50 today – yeah! It isn’t 50 yet, so I am inside sorting through all that I brought back from Spain to create a memory book for Marley and Me. We had such a fun trip, back in October. I can’t wait to go back – especially to Barcelona.

I watched a dog training show this morning. The guy made it look so easy. I wrote everything down that he was doing … DJ, and I, are going to start a new kind of practice. Lewis is a pretty easy pup, and Dodge is getting surer of herself. DJ is perfect in many ways … just weighs as much as I do, and thinks it’s okay to be ‘the walker’ of me rather than the other way around. Please think good thoughts and send me energy. I met a lovely woman at the store today. She had three children and a newly rescued dog in her car … she was purchasing new dog things … they were all so excited to get their new family member home. I so love that. If I had a larger home/yard, I am sure my fam would include many more dogs … and a goat. I’ve wanted a goat since Caleb spoke of ‘fainting goats’ a few years ago. 

Sorry, I am kinda bland/boring today – I am certain I will be on a new rant tomorrow … 
a really important food for thought:
Hope everyone is having a beauteous Saturday ...
until tomorrow xo

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