Monday, February 24, 2014

I Love Mondays

Happy Monday

What a beautiful weekend it was here in the woods. Sun shining and the temperature was perfect. I do wish winter would stay away … I am ready for Springtime and veggie planting. 

The past few weeks of crazy winter weather kept many inside. It is so nice to be outside and comfortable. The ‘stay indoors’ time was great in many ways. I tackled projects that had been weighing on my mind, while also taking steps toward figuring out the paths for this next phase of my life. 

On Friday, the kids loved being outside in the fresh air. I love that they enjoy ‘old fashioned’ games … playing hopscotch was a blast.

Until I began seeing a nutritionist [Carol Goodwin] I thought I knew about food and how to eat healthy. I was so wrong. I am so grateful to Marley and Taylor for setting this up for me. I love learning new things … and I am getting quite an education. I’ve gained a pound a week … and plan to continue that for another 10 pounds. Becoming a more conscious eater is great, and has helped me to enjoy food much more. And, as is true with many things … a bit of knowledge does make people become pains in the ass … I am preaching about quality food and the balance our  body needs … I’ll try to be better – though, probably won't. 

Until tomorrow xo

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  1. You are an exceptional person as you love Mondays) My favorite day of the week is Friday as after Friday goes Saturday and Sunday))