Thursday, December 1, 2011

a perfect Thursday

I have been continuing on this whole Direction thing … and loving it.  This new phase of my life – my new life operation – is going quite well.
With the exception of my being too too cold in this winter weather, life is absolutely amazing. While I haven’t been writing here as I want/should … I have been writing much. Putting the finishing touches on a new piece of work – the spiritual journey I never imagined. Even if it doesn’t prove to be a piece many enjoy [which I hope isn’t true], it was an amazing journey and I enjoyed reveling in the remembering as I wrote. I may [as confidence allows] share some here.

  The Christmas tree is up and looking [if I do say so myself] perfect.
     The stockings are hung from the bookshelf with care – awaiting the fam      
      to  be home soon …

  Outside lights are quite nice –

  We are having our first
       PatriciaA Wearable Art home party next Wednesday night – excited

  Holiday gifts are almost all made … at least all figured out – yeah

  My school kids are [as always] completely amazing

  Dodge is growing into her beauteous self. Finally  barking – yeah – and    
    doing so well with training. She is almost walking comfortably on a leash –       
    sits, stays, comes when called … we are doing well. Lewis is extremely
    upset with me – as I have created a collar from which he can not escape …

  Christmas cactus is blooming beautifully

Above are the highlights of recent … I have been extremely busy [happy, happy busy] working, creating, writing, doing my most fun work at the food bank,  and selling lots of garden signs – check them out – seems people think they are a great holiday gift … love that … great holiday gifts – I’d love it if you would take a look.

If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves
                                          Thomas Edison

Be well … Be happy … enjoy a magical December
Until tomorrow xo