Monday, January 11, 2016

It's monday xxoo

Happy New Year!

I've been writing 'my babblings' for  days ... I thought it was to share. I realized this morning that it was just my therapy. I may share some in the days to come.
I spewed to you all, a bit ago, about a school that keeps me up at night.
This morning I awoke with the knowingness, that as parents, we are holding the life keys.
We trust - we hope - that the learning facility in which we entrust our little hearts will honor them and envelope them as they embark on their educational journey. xxoo

I am writing a series of educational articles - and I really need/want your heart-felt responses, please.

All children are supposed to go to school (although homeschooling is a delightful option) - if your child was not being honored for the person they are (and all they will be) would you stay and hope for the best? Or change it up today? And why? Thank you xxoo

Until tomorrow xxoo