Saturday, June 15, 2013

Beautiful Spring

I have been having such fun planting and watching things grow. We have had a wet Spring; which the plants all seem to be loving. I decided to return to pot gardens this year. The garden ground was too hard this year. Maybe [probably] it was because I was too lazy to chop away at it - and this system seems to be working well and I love the look of it. My friend, Judy, suggested I use magazines and newspapers to cover the ground and then cover with mulch. It looks great, and so far, only the spearmint is working its way through. Spearmint smells so beautiful - and it clearly can live through a chilly winter. The most exciting part of the garden thus far is that I have Roma tomatoes growing ... many of them. Roma tomatoes are my fav and I have yet to reap too many over the years. Trusting this year will be different. Can't wait to enjoy and share.
Another cool thing that is sprouting is lavender ... I have not been great in the past with lavender ... the seeds are growing beautifully - along with the other herbs on the herb wall.
I am so excited to have a rain barrel ... one of my Mother's Day gifts ... thank you, Taylor. It is all 'hooked up' now - Caleb put up the gutter and set it all up - we've had so much rain, the barrel has remained full. Love it, Love it.
Another 'new' in the gardening realm - pallet garden. Last year Alison had some beautiful ones, so I decided to give it a try this year. The pic below is after just 1 week ... it is looking better now - will add more pics. It has to lay flat for a few weeks - then I have the perfect spot in which to stand it up. It has flowers, yellow squash, zucchini, and I recently added radishes to the bottom row. We shall see ...
It was wonderful to spend a week with Taylor. She was home for Amy's and Adam's wedding last Saturday. My first time at officiating a wedding. What a gift - 'firsts' are often uncomfortable - this 'first' was amazing. To be able to be a part of such a beautiful day, with people I so love ... so grateful.
Amy and Adam
Here are some more of today's garden pics ... 
cucumber - and a cup of beer for the slugs

green peppers and asparagus
I'm loving this time of the year ... anxious to get back to school on Monday - missing the kiddos - much.

I'll get back to the quote of the day thing soon - today I saw this - and thought it was 'food for thought' ...

Until tomorrow xo


  1. So glad your back to blogging... I have taken a break from it lately ,but hope to do it again soon.....

  2. Thanks Sandi - I'm hoping to stay on it this time - took awhile to get used to my long days - love you and sending much love, light and energy for you and your mom xxoo