Wednesday, March 9, 2011

warmhearted wednesday

Happy that hearts are warm and filled with positive today … the weather isn’t too warm. We are supposed to have 3 days of rain … Lately I really need the sunshine. Might be time for a trip to my favorite spot on the planet … Pass-a-Grille Beach, Florida.

Awoke feeling so great this morning – fell asleep early. Was going to watch General Hospital and then talk with Lois about it … whoops – fell asleep at the first commercial and slept 8 ½ hours … so love it when that happens.

Starting each morning with our rendition of PE, gym class … with wii fit is such a fun way to start the day. I’m sure when I am out and about with people in the grocery store, etc., they must think it is odd to hear me humming tunes from wii fit. They get stuck in my head and … well … at least I am humming – that’s a good thing, right?

I remember the day [a few months ago] that one of my students, Jacob, said, “Pattie, you are humming again”. I realized he is right – I am humming, and I must be getting to the end of the year from hell stuff … yeah for humming.

Decided on my dress for the dreamy wedding … wasn’t too sure about it at first … it looked a bit different out of the package than when I purchases it on-line … so I hung it in plain sight and have been looking at it for a few days – I like it. Last night I starting making a wrap to wear with it – think I am liking that as well.

This morning, while writing, I was thinking of a great conversation that Taylor and I had the other day … long story-short, the moral of the story was/is: remember this is your life and living it as you wish, treating yourself well, while being a positive force to/with the world … is what it is all about. Obviously, I have been practicing areas of this during my spiritual journey over the years … with each new way of stating things, the awareness becomes clearer … and I believe in teaching, we always learn.

So, this week, I have added to my 2011 ‘to do’ list … posting it on the fridg right now so I will remember … as I develop these new habits.

♥    I do not like conflict – from this day forward I will refuse to engage   
       in it; will refuse to allow the negativity into my light, peaceful  
       piece of the world.

Note to self: remember to surround yourself with
white light … all of the time.

♥    Energy vampires – stay back – I am no longer available.

♥    Pattie the people pleaser … is going up on the shelf. She needs  
      to sit and collect some dust for awhile, as I continue to be kinder
      to all of the other amazing parts of Pattie.

♥    Cook for myself more often … not just when others are coming
      over for a meal.  I have been getting much better at this one –   
                                                            almost habit now …

Do you need a new list of ‘be kinder to myself’ steps? I am sure most of us do … let’s get working on that. Need assistance, just let me know. Please share your thoughts if you would like.

Check this out  - much great stuff happening here … we can all help. April 5th is One Day Without Shoes
- I love this idea – and so love all of the work being done to get shoes to people who have none. At school for a couple of years, we collected shoes for Soles for Souls … felt so good …

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Many beauteous things

so love this quote …

"I can be changed by what happens to me.
But I refuse to be reduced by it."
Maya Angelou

Until tomorrow xo

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