Saturday, March 26, 2011

stormy saturday

Things I love today

            Afternoon naps
            Little House on the Prairie
            Wearing headbands
            Hot dogs

The weather wasn’t perfect for a yard sale today. We got started early and had a few sales [grateful grateful], and then it started to rain. Pretty cold, too. It’s all good; we will try again in a couple of weeks. For the next couple of weeks the patio is going to look kinda weird packed with stuff …

I did have a visit [right after we closed down the yard sale] from my friendly Jehovah Witness woman. She brought backup today … So determined they are … they just won’t give up on me. Clearly, I appreciate their tenacity.

I know I’m a dork … the best thing about this rainy, cold day was wrapping myself in a blanket and watching the Little House on the Prairie marathon. I did nap a bit … and ran to the store [quickly] and now on hour 4. May sew and work on Taylor’s secret gift, while watching for a few more hours.

On the way home from the store, I saw [and stopped] the humane society with puppies in front of the tractor store. I drove in and parked. If someone was watching me, they would have thought I was crazy. I was talking to myself … ‘no, Pattie, you can not get another dog right now.’ ‘Life is too busy and too crazy to train a puppy’. On and on the convo with myself went …
And, I was sad, and proud with myself, that I actually [slowly] drove away.

These two buddies have to be it for right now …
 Karma B

Sending much light and love to Mammy today xo

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend

Until tomorrow xo♥  

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