Thursday, March 3, 2011

tremendous thursday

 Another perfect day in the woods. Maybe Spring really is here to stay … hope hope hope. Sam is always a happy dog, and when he can lounge in the sun [on new grass], he becomes an ecstatically happy dog.  Love that.

Very productive week happening here.
Getting the Etsy Shop up wasn’t so difficult. I’m learning to be better with doing things that don’t come automatically to me … amazing how fast they do become automatic.
It has been many years since I have been this busy … busy with so many new and different and FUN things … I am so fortunate. During the day I get to work with kids I love, and then begin the next phase of the day – creating. It has interfered with my wine drinking time … no worries; I will get back to that.

Checking things off of the list, happily and quickly … love that.
One thing I haven’t checked off yet – quite smoking – ugh. I keep trying and do well for awhile and then – nope – there they are again. Not giving up – I am sure I can do this …

So – this morning I did get back to writing for 1 ½ hours when I awake. Re-writing the Miranda book so that it is told in her voice, has proved a challenge for me. Not necessarily with the writing – but with the re-living of her passing away … one step at a time … it is a story that, I believe, must be told. I feel her legacy is in leaving the lessons for other teenagers.

Taylor tells me that I need to photograph the steps to recipes when I share … makes so much sense … though another ‘new’ thing for me. I will try to remember that on Friday when I attempt to make an amazing meal [salmon, greens, guacamole] that I had in a very cool restaurant [the name eludes me at the moment] in NODA with my friends, Angie and Terri on Saturday evening … it was so good.

The zinnias popped up out the soil this morning … I do believe we will have beauteous, home grown flowers for Taylor’s and Caleb’s dreamy wedding.

Please check out my Etsy Shop and leave me a comment and let me know what you think – I know the comment leaving thing is a challenge sometimes – if so, choose anonymous and put your name in the message … thanks much.

One more thought before I shut up for this day … could we all send positive energy and light to Charlie Sheen please … thanks xo

“Don’t dream your life. Live your dreams.” — Uschi Obermaier

Until tomorrow xo

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