Thursday, August 14, 2014

Another Terrific Thursday

Only one more week of summer camp and before we know it the school year begins. This summer has been such fun … and it flew by. The weather has been perfect; and we have enjoyed so many activities out here in the woods.

Rainy days are so much fun. Yesterday everyone loved watching Paw Patrol and then creating their own show with Paw Patrol toys … fun fun fun!

Measuring everything in sight today … we are getting that inch/foot thing down! Cooking was extra fun, too. We created a recipe for pup treats that are perfectly fine for humans as well. Measuring, mixing, rolling and cutting … such anticipation … pure excitement. I so love that.

Our hummingbird friend ... hangs out with us every morning. 

I'm feeling extra grateful, today, as I watch the kids revel in working and playing together. It has been an amazing summer. They have all enjoyed much and grown much ... I am excited to begin the new school year with the same joy-filled energy.

Please stop by
Open House
Academic Illumination Day School and PatriciaA Wearable Art xo
with Usborne Book Fair
Saturday, August 23, 2014
2-5 pm
My home – Stanley, North Carolina

 Until tomorrow xxoo

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