Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Another great day ...

Lately, it seems that Facebook has been inundated with beautiful, positive quotes. I love them all. One day I will take the time to write my own down and create beauteous art around them. Until then, I will continue to borrow the lovely ones I see each day. The above quote fills my day. So fortunate, I am, to spend my days with blossoming young people ... filled with joy and a true sense of wonder.

During the next couple of weeks, I will try to be in each moment [I will]; as summer camp time comes to an end. I am concerned for a couple of my little guys. Going into a large school environment ... not so good. As I think about that, many of my educational/life ideas/theories fill my head. So often I hear people say that kids need to be in a large environment in order to learn socializing skills. That really makes no sense, at all, to me. Learning communication, listening, respectfulness, etc. in a small nurturing environment where you have trust and are listened to ... wouldn't that be the best environment to instil these skills ... owning them with confidence and an appreciation for all???? That's definitely my take on it. Just a little bit of a rant today ... I'm trying to come up with a 'blog system' - so I know what I may be writing about each day. I don;'t just want to babble ... and I do feel I have much to share. I'm getting there. Suggestions always appreciated.

Today, the kids were very excited to see that their newest tomato plant was covered with flowers. They have been so loving the gardens. Such a great way to teach nurturing. Check out the school Facebook page for many adorable summer pics. Academic Illumination Day School.

My friend, Amy, had surgery this morning. All went well. Please send love and light that recovery is quick and perfect. Thank you.

Until tomorrow xxoo

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  1. It is so funny, that we need all this beautiful, positive quotes on Facebook to find our confidence and happiness) Although, that is true and it works for me as well.