Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's on your Bucket List?

February 1st – How great … January was an amazing month … much new, much accomplished, much positive reflection. I could complain about the weather – but just doing grateful today - Life is good.

Beautiful, enjoyable, great learning day today at school.

I have been thinking of My Bucket List lately. As part of my Resolutions for the new year, I began a list of must dos before departing this planet; this time. What’s on your list?

The first one is going to sound so not like me. I may have to close my eyes a bunch – and maybe won’t be able to hang out for long [after all – I’m against going to the circus, unless, of course, it is Cirque du Soleil] – but I have the need to experience it at least once.
Go to a Rodeo
            Visit the Louvre 
            Attempt to go camping
            Conversation with Leon Russell
            Publish lots of books
            Play the piano
            Learn the Russian language
            Begin a ‘Life Literacy Program’ for kids/adults
            Pilot’s license
            Spend a few weeks in Gander, Newfoundland

It’s just a start – going to add to it continually.

Taylor and I are hanging out tonight. Dinner and wedding stuff. Coming up with ideas and creating so many beautiful aspects of the wedding together is so much fun. Love it. And I want her to help me get some photos up to get my Etsy store going. As I work on that, and with the publishing aspect of my writing right now, I do need to get another job. Any thoughts? I can do just about anything. I’m creative, intelligent, productive, good communicator – guess since I weigh about 100 lbs soaking wet, I wouldn’t be too good with driving a forklift, digging ditches or toting heavy items – anything else, I am up for.

So – what do you think of my Essay book [Touched by Many]? Good idea? Bad idea?  Been done too many times before idea? I’m going to finish it – because I must. But, from a publishing place???? Input please.

Here is one of my essays – it will have to be edited/adjusted – which I haven’t begun yet – still reading through what I wrote years ago. And writing new ones. 
She is no longer with us … but was when I first wrote it.  I sent it to her. Amazing woman.


When we arrived to her house for the first time,
she was his grandmother.
Upon leaving, she was my friend.

It was the first time I thought of ageless-ness.
She was 70ish.
I was 25.

I didn’t notice age at all when we sat and talked of her life as a girl. She had odd [to me] men-women views. She spoke as though men should run the world. I guess that is how she was raised. 
And the whole idea seems to have worked for her.

I set her straight though, and although she didn’t agree with me, 
there was respect for me and
for what she knew was real for me.

She gave me an old copper clock.
It hangs in my kitchen. Each morning, as I make my coffee, I look to it remembering words of wisdom from
Grandma Ray …
and send her healthy, happy thoughts … love and gratitude.

Her place in my life has been mostly in my heart.
During the past 15 years I haven’t seen her very often. The separation of family seems to be the way some people do things. Makes little [or no] sense to me.

She loves me. And this I know.
I love her. This she knows.

Everyone is expecting her to pass from this earth soon.
She is in her nineties.
Missing her physical-ness won’t be too much for me, as her spirit rests in my soul as it has since that past-midnight arrival to Corbin, Kentucky back in 1979.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass …
It's about learning to dance in the rain.

Until tomorrow xo

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