Friday, February 11, 2011

Lovely Friday

Yesterday afternoon I had full intention to blog – but I moved myself out of my creating stupor [which was glorious fun] of a week or so, to see that my home was a wreck. So, major cleaning, sorting, putting away had to be my priority. Its looking/feeling better around here – still much to do this evening.

Wedding decorations [which I can’t share until after the ‘dreamy wedding day’] and Heart creations seemed to be the theme for the past couple of weeks. Natural, I guess, with Valentine’s Day close by.
If anyone needs a cute gift – I only have 3 necklaces and 2 pairs of the earrings left – a mere $14 for a one-of-a-kind gift. Let me know and I’ll get it right out to you. 

 Friday afternoons at school … time for wii bowling and tennis. Love this part of the week.

I’ve been giving much thought to my next path on this life’s journey. Thought I about had it figured out … then … nope. I am having a more difficult time than anticipated ridding myself of my stuff. Yes, I am doing it – slowly but surely. And I will continue. Though it can’t be the ‘rush job’ I was planning on. Oh well – it’s all good. Things happen as they should. Sounding more like myself lately … grateful for that.

My Katy [former student – now 3rd daughter and friend], always told me that I had to quit rushing around like a bull in a china shop. I always thought it was just because she was concerned my old bones may break [ha] – but I think, now, it was more that I should practice what I preach. Slow down – what’s the rush. Breathe – be in the moment. Revel in what is NOW.
I think, most likely, that I felt I missed so much time during my year from hell. Though I do know that we don’t miss anything … it was just a slow, introspective year. So, rush through this next phase would be silly. People have accused me of being many things – not usually silly.

Today I will slow down and do what I feel like doing.
Revel in each moment.
I keep saying it … I am doing better.  I am going to write this on my bathroom mirror right now … gentle, happy reminders are good.

I hope it helps whoever reads this … just because we make a decision to do it – it doesn’t become habit … practice – practice – practice.

I have a few quotes today … couldn’t decide which to share, so here they all are.

Have compassion for your parents' childhoods. Know that you chose them because they were perfect for what you had to learn. Forgive them and set them free. - Louise L. Hay

There arrives a moment in our lives when we need to grow... It happens the day we realize that the safety we sought to remain as a bud is more agonizing than the gamble it takes to become the flower.

Education is more than the filling of a pail, it is also the lighting of a fire.                           
William Butler Yeats

Until tomorrow xo