Wednesday, February 23, 2011

flowers ... flowers ... flowers

It is colder today … as expected … though it isn’t frigid, and feels pretty nice outside. My seeds are still safe out there – hoping I don’t have to move 40 pots inside. This weekend it is supposed to get to 70 again – yeah!

Yesterday I was going to share my new quick recipe and I forgot to do so. Zack and I ate the whole thing quickly – no leftovers here – it was so good.
I am sure you can tell that I have become pretty attached to Knorr rice sides.

I had some tomatoes that needed to be eaten immediately – so, I started with those – diced them and sautéed in oil and garlic –
Added [another of my favorites] a bunch of sliced mushrooms
                                                              a can of seasoned lima beans
                                                              a couple of cups of frozen peas
                                                              one pkg of Knorr – Fiesta Sides – Mexican Rice
                                                              2 ½ cups of water
                                                              Bring to boil
                                                              Then simmer for 30ish minutes[uncovered]
So yummy – like a stew kind of thing.
I think it would be good over lettuce as well.

My hands are so sore today … combo of all of the flower making and the weed pulling and planting yesterday.  Once they loosen up I must finish sewing curtains this evening.

Willis [his true name is Lewis], Taylor’s and Caleb’s dog, spent the day with us. We found him wandering around this morning … Lewis, Nora, and Karma are the closest thing to grandchildren [grand dogs and cat] that I have right now … which is all good with me. So, part of the school day was much dog playing, dog walking … fun fun fun day.

I’m feeling very proud with my ‘flower factory’. I am creating many different types [different materials] of flowers. For the past couple of days I have been focusing on the coffee filter flowers. Who knew you could make gorgeous flowers from coffee filters? I love them and the paper is much easier to work with than tissue paper. Or maybe it’s just me – I’m not too graceful with the tissue paper. Today I will take photos of each step so you can make some if you wish … maybe everyone already knows about this trick I thought I made up … tomorrow I will share the yellow ones. Going to try gray tonight.
Here are the steps :

Regular coffee filters – separate [use 8 for each flower]

 fold in half
cut a semi circle

 basting stitch around the hole
 gather - pull tight - carefully

 then sew together a bit
 turn over and begin separating the layers
pull gently, and surely toward the center - all the way around
first one will look like this
 one layer at a time
 and presto ... beauteous flower

If you help enough people get what they want,
 you can have everything you want
Zig Ziglar
I hope everyone had a beautiful day ... 

Until tomorrow xo

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  1. You're the best. I love the flowers and all our handmade decorations. I'm so happy with the way everything is turning out!