Thursday, February 3, 2011

Expecting a great day ...

Happy Thursday …

Getting organized today. Woke with a plan of attack.

My beautiful friend, Vicki, came over last evening – brought us a yummy dinner and a bottle of wine. We had a great evening. I’m feeling more focused and think I’m up for the tasks at hand. I’m going to begin with drawers … there are many of them – but upon finishing each, I will have [I hope] a sense of accomplishment. Good place to begin.

I was expecting today to be a wonderful day … and it so was. So much accomplished – even before the school day began. Loving that.

I was thinking today about the expectation thing. Often people say ‘have no expectations and you will not be disappointed’. I have wrestled with that. I understand not throwing expectations onto others – though, I think we need to have expectations. When I woke this morning with the expectation of a great day, that was in my mind and I [maybe subconsciously] worked toward that. I think expectation is a good thing … from oneself and from all around us.

Sharing another excerpt from Touched by Many


He was too small to wrestle the ball away from the other kids. He knew they would never listen to him.
So, he waited. And he waited.

At the sound of Mrs. Dublin’s voice, bellowing ‘it is time to come inside’, they dropped the big yellow ball and ran to line up at the door.
Well, they all ran … except for Johnathan.
At 4 years old, he saw this as his turn. After all, he had been waiting for his turn, for quite a long time. He ran for the ball and held it in his little arms, hugging it with a huge smile on his face. It was a win for him.

It was my first day working at the Montessori school in the after school program, so my clout was minimal. Mrs. Dublin yelled his name over and over … to no avail.

All Johnathan could see [or hear] was the ball and his inner joy in having it. He just wanted to play with the ball. She began to stomp out after him. I ran to get to him first. I told him that he could hold the ball inside until he went home that day if he would come inside now. He readily agreed. The joy in his face was priceless.
Why couldn’t everyone see that?

I realized that day what my next career would be …
Helping children to smile … inside and outside.

That day in February, marked a new path in my life.
A time that began a whole new journey for me.

My questioning attitude didn’t sit well with most of the other [staunch – go by the rules] adults. But, that was okay. My skin began to form a new thickness that day.

A 4-year old child changed my life. For always.
In one brief heart-filled moment. Thank you, Jonathan

I watched this little video this morning … so loved it … thought you would too.

Please help me send lots of light and love to my sister. She has just had major dental surgery and isn’t feeling too great. She’s keeping a great positive attitude – but it is such a major spiritual and physical trauma when we choose to do this. 

Until tomorrow xo

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