Sunday, February 6, 2011

beautiful day in the woods

The sky is bright blue – sun shining – a beautiful day in the woods.

A day of creating … such fun.

Superbowl Sunday has mostly been about new commercials for me … and sometimes the ½ time show. Not much of a football fan. But, this year I have become a Steelers fan. Mostly because my friend Janice goes on about them and has a photo of one of the players [a gorgeous guy] as her facebook profile pic … so, I figured that must be the team to ‘cheer’ for.

I made up a delicious recipe today. Decided this morning that I wanted to make vegetarian chili today. But … had some kielbasa in the fridg and it needed to be eaten – so, I started with it. Followed by lots of other leftovers.

If you feel like trying it – I’d so recommend – It is delicious
Cut and browned kielbasa in butter, garlic and celery – sautéed for a bit.
Add a package of fresh cut mushrooms
Then added a cup of water, 1 ½ cups of lentils
Can of diced tomatoes –
Small can of sliced black olives
1½ cups of rice
Salt – chili powder – a tad of turmeric –
A cup of frozen peas –
Add a couple cups of water –

And life is good
 Bring to boil for a sec
Then semi-cover and simmer for a couple of hours –

So so so good

Taylor and I had a fun night filled with conversating about the wedding –
Things are coming together as we wanted – life is good

Hope the Steelers win tonight – I do have a bet with my future son-in-law …

Sharing –  essay from touched by many

My grandfather –


I was about 8. Really don’t remember the exact day. It was chilly sitting on the front stoop, though it had been chilly for many days … even in the summer in Hingham, Massachusetts, we had some
chilly days.

My grandfather came home drunk. He often did that. A state I understand much more now than I did back then. He and my grandmother argued, as they often did. He retreated to the basement to work [I found out later] in his wood shop.

Only a few minutes had passed, and up he came. Dripping blood in the kitchen, holding one hand in the other. He had cut off his index finger and his middle finger, with the circular saw.

I’m not sure where everyone else was as I sat on the front steps with my grandfather, Eliot [most called him Red – for his hair in younger days], waiting for the ambulance.
I found out later that no one was around because they were looking for the missing fingers in the rubble of the wood shop.

He was my friend.
He made me feel safe.
I was his friend.
Respect became more than a word for me that day.

Saying silly things to help each other through
a scary ‘stop in time.’
A life lesson event for me.
One that I often still find myself celebrating.

My grandfather passed on [lung cancer] to another great life when I was 10.

Missing him is an important part of my soul.

Love this quote …

If you help enough people get what they want,
you can have everything you want
Zig Ziglar

Until tomorrow xo

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