Friday, February 4, 2011

Expecting wonder

Another day expecting wonderful and here it comes. Two potential students for tutoring, numerous requests to see the elementary Montessori materials I have for sale, got the kitchen sorted … keeping very little. Only keeping things I LOVE. 
It still looks like a cyclone hit out there – but – for now, I will stay in the other rooms. Life is good.

Grateful – Grateful – Grateful …

I have been wanting to talk of my new television obsession. Maybe today is a good day to do that.

I have never been too much of a television person. For many years I did keep up with all of the soap operas – and was thrilled when Soap Net came about. It made keeping up with the [7 daytime] soap operas so much easier. Three months ago, when I decided I didn’t want to watch soap operas anymore, I found instant Netflix. No commercials. I’m [almost] embarrassed to admit how much television I have been watching. Every free moment – and even if I am not in the room, the television is on. So I started with Murder She Wrote. I watched 12 seasons in a row. I know – everyone laughs at me … but it’s all good.

When there was no more Angela Landsbury, I switched to Monk. Yes, I watched all of those episodes. Then, I was so excited to find Dark Shadows. When I was a kid I used hurry home from school to watch that crazy black and white 30 minute soap opera. I watched three seasons of that [which is probably when I realized I needed something from the past – rather than breathing in the crazy present]. May sound silly, but it has proven to be great [fun] therapy for me. Then I moved on to five seasons of Columbo. Now I am in the middle of The Rockford Files. I think soon [maybe] I’ll get back to reading a few books a week instead of TV viewing. But, maybe first – seasons and come-back movies of Perry Mason.

Enough of my silly – 

I always talk of Sam ... my puppy ... really 3 years old, not exactly a puppy. Thought I'd share his loveliness with you.

Sam - camera shy
Today, an old friend of mine from high school put this video up on Facebook. I think every human should watch it … please take 2 minutes and do that.

Until tomorrow xo

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