Monday, February 21, 2011

The past few days have flown by … busy busy.

After my couple days of grumpy, my mood turned back to normal [whatever my normal is].  Good.
A few days of glorious weather and much more wonder.

The division of non-public schools called me to apologize … whew … that was a relief.

When I decided to start writing a blog, I agreed [in my mind’s heart] to just write what I was thinking, feeling … maybe even sharing some insights, that could assist others, that I have gained through my many years on this planet [this time] … especially the past couple.

This week has proven to be a difficult writing week for me. Not because I don’t have things to write … because so many things have occurred, opening up the depths of me … trying to be brave enough to ‘just write it’, as I said I would.

With only my sister have I spoken of the heart happenings of this week. There were a few times that I almost talked about it with my daughters and friends … and [thank you Evie, I almost said but] I just didn’t.
Once I begin, it could be like a runaway train … no – maybe many runaway trains, all going in different directions, different motives, different parcels [baggage].

I have a brother. I have never met him. I know he exists, and my sister has met him. There was always much controversy within my fam as to whether or not he was/wasn’t my brother.  My sister spoke with him this week … we both [my sister and I] spoke with our Aunt Kaye [our mother’s sister] … that was lovely and very emotional. For me, it brought back many ‘movies’ of years gone by … some good …

I will get to the place where the ‘puzzle’ feels like less than 9,000 pieces and the words will flow – this I trust.

In the meantime … hope everyone is enjoying February …

Perfect day for me to share this excerpt from Touched by Many


The stands were filled with people. It was difficult to look and to find the family and friends that I was looking for.

And, all of a sudden there she was.
I hadn’t seen her in probably 10 years.
Didn’t even know if I would recognize her.
Didn’t even know if she would really be there at my high school graduation.

Aunt Kaye. My mother’s sister. She always stood out.
Exuded class, mixed with a confident sweetness.
The lump in my throat was huge. I didn’t want to cry right there on the bleachers.
But, I did.

The graduation went along as graduation ceremonies do.

And there she was. Right in front of me; arms extended.
She was definitely the most beautiful person there.

She told me how proud my mother would be. That didn’t mean too much to me at the time … but, her saying it added some importance. We talked of family, and how God brought us to this day, and all of the blessings that he bestowed on everyone.
She always God Blessed everyone. She was beauty.

She was the epitome of fragile strength. Dainty, delicate and certain. When she spoke, everyone listened. Not because she said they had to … she demanded nothing.
She commanded everything.
Because her heart and wisdom were apparent to all.

That day, I filled with pride thinking of all of the times that people said, “Pattie, you are just like your Aunt Kaye.” If I was going to be like anyone, being like her would be just fine with me.

"Love yourself unconditionally, just as you love those
 closest to you despite their faults."
Les Brown

Until tomorrow xo

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