Wednesday, April 6, 2011

wacky wednesday

This blog entry is kinda weird [like most of mine are, I guess] – I started writing yesterday in a notebook, because of no electricity … and now I am at my friend Angie’s home, and will write about Wednesday … didn’t want to just throw out the Tuesday stuff … hang in there with me, please, it has been a weird week.
Things I loved yesterday

New recipes
Weeks that begin on Tuesday
Smell of ‘just mowed’ grass
Productive days
And much much more

I so love when I actually cross everything off of my list for the day.  That almost never happens - Yesterday was like that … so much happily accomplished. Yeah!

I am so excited with the activity in my Etsy Shop … love that people are liking [and purchasing] the garden art signs … thank you thank you …

There was supposed to be a new, cool recipe to try for tonight [wedding planning and decoration making with the girls] – veggie sausage, rice, peas, stuffed into a beautiful tomato … cheese on the top and bake – I’ll remember to take photos – Taylor will be here to remind me … hoping it will be as amazing as it sounds. I have been so into food lately. Crazy … I have always loved preparing meals for my family and friends, though have never been as excited about doing it for myself. I think it [partially] comes from the year of working so hard to gain weight … finally got to the weight I am comfortable with  - want to enjoy staying there.
This recipe will have to happen next week – everything was cancelled due to no electricity – soon …

The Light in the Distance
I am loving writing. The story is fiction [though based on real life ‘stuff’ – so there is some [more than some] emotion involved – I think I am ready. I am as excited about this piece now [as I was when I agreed to the project] … until I got carried away with the dreamy wedding and new enterprises and [almost] forgot. Still have time – yeah!

Things I love Today
                        Clean refrigerators
                        Being able to do my work
After I talk about how grateful I am for so so much – I am going to rant …
I am so grateful for my friend, Angie; I am staying with her until the electricity comes back on. She tried to get me to come over last night, though I was still being hopeful about the electricity coming back on, and not losing all of this month’s food which I just purchased on Monday. Well – that went badly. The positive side is – I managed to save ½ of the freezer food, and some veggies from the fridg – otherwise – all a loss. Yuck.
Sitting in the sunshine now … Zack is working … we have internet [yeah] … getting caught up on all I missed for the past 2 days. Grateful Grateful.
Sam loves it here.

Okay. I have this thing that bugs me. People not doing their jobs. I get that bad stuff happens that is out of our control; but this wasn’t an earthquake … it was a bad [yes, really bad] storm. Shouldn’t Duke Power be prepared for that? Often people probably get irritated with me when I say that sports people shouldn’t be paid a gazillion dollars if they don’t catch the ball … that is their job. I think being prepared is part of the deal. And, I am somewhat [no, really] irritated that the million dollar homes had power back up in a few hours … what’s that about?

Now … I am back to my happy self … excited to be able to finish all of the beauteous, dreamy wedding things in the next few days. A few days behind – and, that’s all good … we will all love working on everything and getting it finished and just perfect …

Jacob is working at home this week. He is a great worker and self-learner now … so, that is all good too. Except, I miss him.

And … the GIVE-A-WAY winner is …  Debra … yeah
Until tomorrow xo♥  
Be what you want the world to be

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