Thursday, April 21, 2011

treasured thursday

Education is more than the filling of a pail, it is also the lighting of a fire.
~ William Butler Yeats
Things I love Today
            Salmon salad
            Cathee is ALL GOOD xo
            Receiving a lovely note from Laura xo
            Gala darling
            Ice road truckers
Tid bits from the homefront:
            Still no appearance by the momma cat … hoping she is home[?] with her kittens and doing well.
            Cable guy came this morning … new modem … hoping the intermittent internet will now cease.
            Not sure if I will have much writing time here this weekend. It is our last weekend to work on finalizing all of the dreamy wedding plans and get Taylor’s dress altered, and do a gazillion little things – while [in the steal of the night] I will be finishing up the book for the Art House Project. And … excited – getting the pool ready for the warm weather I am focusing on right now.
            June, 2011 – I am offering a new series of glass [art] classes. It will be so much fun. My new outside area will be so great for glass art and learning about the kiln. There will be two levels – adults and kids … if you would like to join in, and/or know anyone who would, let me know. It will be great fun. I usually make small [jewelry] pieces – occasionally I go larger. Here are a couple of pieces I made which I am putting in my Etsy Shop soon [as soon as I figure out the packaging and shipping].

 fruit / vegetable bowl

cheese /snack platter

Garden Fun: Week 6
I am feeling optimistic in regard to my gardening ability this year. I think all of the little plants are going to flourish and produce yummy food. Starting everything from seed was different for me. I was a little anxious about it … though most [no green peppers – I may have to go to the nursery for those – nothing came up at all???] came up strong – yeah. Already eating lettuce/mixed greens – so cool.
Week 6 pics
yummy mixed greens


spaghetti squash
 tomatoes - almost ready to go into the ground
 yellow squash
 struggling [transplanted] yellow rose bush -
 thriving [transplanted] pink rose bush
 front garden [tay's annuals from last year came back]
 front garden
front garden

Overcast day here in the woods. I am not usually fond of overcast days – though this one feels quite perfect. Could be ‘me’ I guess, as everything feels quite perfect lately. 67 degrees and calm … I love it … probably more rain later, and right now it feels great.
The pressure is on. I only have 10 days to complete A Light in the Distance. Yikes. I am getting there. Send energy please - I must have this in the mail April 31st ...
Okay … here’s my life situation. I need assistance with building my Etsy Shop into a thriving enterprise. I love creating wearable art, and I think I am pretty good at it … I want so much for this to be ‘my job’. If you like what you see , please pick up a few things … and I would so appreciate it if you would send the link to your friends. Thank you. Thank you.
Starting May 1st my wearable [and garden] art will be in a lovely boutique – FABO in Charlotte. I am so excited for this opportunity … hoping this works out well and other boutiques want to carry PatriciaA wearable art soon. If you know anyone with a shop where hand made art is loved – please let me know.
Remember to leave me a comment for the GIVE-A-WAY – 4 garden art signs - Just a quick click on comment – and then anonymous – and put your name in the comment –[with your tip for helping the planet] please. Drawing for custom garden art signs will be Tuesday, April 26th at noon.
My success was not based so much on any great intelligence but on great common sense.
~ Helen Gurley Brown

hope everyone has a beauteous weekend ...
Until tomorrow xo♥  
Be what you want the world to be

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