Friday, April 22, 2011

frivolous friday

Happy Earth Day!
How are you planning to celebrate ‘Earth’s Day’?
Things I love Today
            Etsy Shop sales – thank you !
            Baby squirrels
            Donna is ALL GOOD xo
            When the writing flows 
Tid bits from the homefront:
            I’ve been needing a day with no definite plans … no definite goals. Today will be just that day. Taylor has wedding particulars to take care of – and I will go along for the ride … support … being together. No real job for me today. It’s funny … the days I plan to do lots of nothing seem to be the days I accomplish the most. Much to be said for giving oneself a break.
Garden Fun:
            Not much to tell on the gardening front [I’m going to try and stop trying to watch them grow – ha] … adding some garden decorations daily … Nice, soft rain today. I’m going to so love my new back yard. I am thinking about how to incorporate a labyrinth … there is space … not sure what to use. Little rocks/stones, maybe? I was thinking of having an art class for kids during the summer … spiritual“ness” and art … they could paint stones and we could create the labyrinth together. What do you think?
I am addicted to making cloth flowers … such an array I now have – and continue to add more to the collection. Not certain where all of them will end up – though I am fairly sure I will think of something fun … jewelry, headbands, purses, spring scarves … maybe a shower curtain adorned with flowers of many colors. ???

I’m on a creative roll here … decided rather than sketch in the book –
A Light in the Distance [for illustrating], I am going to sew, in a quilt-like manner, all of the lighthouses and adhere them to the pages in the book … may even embroider directly in the book pages … the book has to be handwritten [which I love] – so I have been writing with the computer and will copy with my hand when it is finished … hoping by the end of the weekend I will have it ready to go … still need good thoughts and energy, please. xo
Remember to leave me a comment for the GIVE-A-WAY – 4 garden art signs - Just a quick click on comment – and then anonymous – and put your name in the comment –[with your tip for helping the planet] please. Drawing for custom garden art signs will be Tuesday, April 26th at noon.
Hope everyone has a wondrous weekend …
Until tomorrow xo♥  
Be what you want the world to be

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