Wednesday, June 1, 2011

more than warm wednesday

This was on facebook this morning … had to share … it is perfect.
Calm. Repeat after us: "I will be an oasis of calm in the world today. I will be a refuge. I will not add to chaos. It will wash over me and back out to sea. So sayeth the Queen." Queen of Your Own Life

Tid bits from the homefront:

I love beginnings. The first day of a new month seems to give me a burst of energy. Love that.

Energy and all, I am moving a tad slowly … it is hot outside. The past few days have been hot  - and it seems record breaking temps will last for the rest of the week. So I am setting my goals more reasonably today. A few things in the old home … a few boxes unpacked in the new home … some weeding in the garden … work on my resume [yes, this is must find a job month – any ideas?] … Etsy orders shipped …

It is hard to believe that I have been writing this blog [almost] daily since the middle of January … It was the marked beginning of my appreciating myself on a new level … working through the shit of the year behind me, and brightening all up once again. There have been some detours along the way – though I have enjoyed the growing spurt – and am finally comfortable looking out at the unknown … what is it I am doing with the rest of my life? Can’t wait for each day. One of the big goals is to quit smoking. Trying and failing [numerous times] aided in my feeling less than. I must do this. Yesterday I smoked 8 cigarettes – today 7 or 8 – and the plan is to be completely finished by the last day of June. Please send some energy my way – I am determined – very determined – and we all need [and love] help from our friends.

Mentioning again:
If anyone needs learning/teaching materials – I have them – preschool through 12th grade – hands-on materials, workbooks, testing materials, textbooks, research books – for all areas of academia. Send me a message/email – if you are interested. My goal is one week … and then all will be finished.

Fundraiser – The Humane Society
Please click on the link and purchase a beauteous leash … Once you see these leashes and see how much the puppies love them, everyone will need one.
Order from my Etsy shop – or comment me to special order … thanks xo

Garden fun:
Week 11 of my gardening fun. I ran some twine for the cucumbers to grow on – they are growing like crazy … I can’t believe how tall the tomato [trees] plants are … by the end of this week we should have summer squash – can’t wait …
 spaghetti squash
 isn't this flower beautiful
I should love to satisfy all, if I possibly can; but in trying to satisfy all, I may be able to satisfy none. I have, therefore, arrived at the conclusion that the best course is to satisfy one's own conscience and leave the world to form its own judgment, favorable or otherwise. — Mohandas K. Gandhi
I hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful week … thanks for hanging in here with me – as I travel to figure out what it is I am supposed to be sharing … grateful, grateful
what are you grateful for today?
Until tomorrow xo
Be what you want the world to be

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