Wednesday, May 18, 2011

working wednesday

Things I love today:
            The scent after a calm rain
            Things coming together
            Thought-filled text messages

Tid bits from the homefront:
As I was kicking myself this morning for not blogging yesterday … for not reaching my Etsy and fundraiser goal … I quickly realized [that’s a big step – to quickly realize] that I was [once again] being extremely harsh with myself. And, if I heard someone else kicking themselves when, in fact, they had been moving and decorating a new home – and almost finished in just two days – I would be telling them they should be patting themselves on the back for such accomplishments. So – I dug through files and found the affirmations I need to read read read – and post in my new home.

I believe the following is worth repeating …

8 Simple Affirmations You Should Whisper to Yourself Daily.

1.) “I am worthy.”
Worthy of love. Worthy of peace. Worthy of praise. Worthy of happiness. Worthy of pleasure.
2.) “My thoughts create my reality.”
Be aware of the thoughts that drift to & fro in your mind; they are direct reflectors of not only your inner world but your outer world. Believe in & aspire to positivity. If you believe that you are abundant, you will create abundance. If you believe you are blessed, you will create imminent blessings.
3.) “Be kind.”
Smile sweetly. Compliment a stranger. Ask someone how they are & really care about their well being. Exude friendliness & warmth, because everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. Radiate compassionate consideration. Give until it hurts.
4.) “The opinions of others don’t really matter.”
Filter the words you hear throughout the day. Only internalize the ones that resonate with your natural rhythms. And when you do listen to the wisdom of others, take it with a grain or two of salt. Cherish your ability to make sound choices; rely on it. Listen to your heart; it’ll never steer you wrong.
5.) “I am stunning.”
Repeat five times more for good measure. Hammer this into your brain. Never forget it.
6.) “Life is beautiful.”
Through the trials & tribulations, through the intricate complexities & complications… life & your existence within it is beautiful. Dwell on that.
7.) “Breathe.”
Be conscious of every breath you take. Relish in the sensation of your lungs filling up with air; inflate them to their fullest capacity. And when you exhale, smile.
8.) “Be in this moment.”
Stay mindful, stay present, stay centered. And when you feel yourself drifting out of inner consciousness, remind yourself that the past & future are elaborate illusions; that the only time is now.
Write down these eight affirmations (& a few of your own) & tape them to your bathroom mirror. Make a ritual of reciting these beautiful notions throughout the day. Sing them. Breathe them. Think them out loud. Memorize each one.

The new living space is coming along so perfectly. The energy here feels so great – it is quite lovely. Of course, the old living space has much to still move, and much much to sell, sort and clean … and … it will get done. Reminds me of the tortoise and the hare story … I am trying to be more ‘slow and steady’ – rather than the bull in a china shop that is often me.

Fundraiser – The Humane Society
I have sold a few leashes – thank you thank you – We need to sell LOTS more … please assist me in making the May goal = one hundred leashes

Give-a-Way Wednesday:
and the winner is … Hannah Hoover … I will be sending your lovely leash to you this week … xo

Garden Journal – week 9
The veggies so love the soft rain combined with much thunder and lightening – they seem to grow inches overnight during such Mother Nature events. The seeds I planted, hoping for dreamy wedding flowers, have finally bloomed so beautifully – flowers all over …
 mixed greens
 basil and parsley
 spaghetti squash
 cherry tomato
 yellow squash
 late-blooming wedding flowers
What are you grateful for today?
Bursting veggies in the garden - finding the perfect spot for my labyrinth
Until tomorrow xo
Be what you want the world to be


  1. thank you, thank you. im so excited and grateful :)I hope you are loving your new home!
    - hannah

  2. I am so loving my new home ... still doing it - almost finished ... can't wait for you to see it ... hope you love the leash - xxxooo see you soon - love you