Friday, May 20, 2011

friendly friday

If we are to have real peace, we must begin with the children.                                                                            - Mahatma Gandhi
Things I love today:
            I am in that ‘I love everything’ mode today.
            I am truly exhausted – though so grateful for all that has been done.
            Happy dogs
            Pasta salad
            Many calls from friends thinking of me
            My sister’s spirit showing her the way
            Robin mowed the grass
            My fish made the move fabulously
            Loving life   

Tid bits from the homefront:

As a teacher/guider of teenagers, I am also looking for concise, logical verbiage to share … this article is a short and informative article about family planning – loved it:

The moving job is down to the really yucky part. Lots of ‘loose ends’; cleaning and throwing stuff out, and then to the biggest job – Selling all of the school supplies, books, furniture, etc. - sorting, packing into subject-related boxes, and selling … hoping to accomplish all of this in 8 days. Do I have a chance? Making daily lists is helpful. Yesterday I checked off almost everything … had a couple of things that had to be moved to the Friday list … I’m really in need of a vacation. So, I am giving myself a bit of a break today – the list for Friday isn’t too, too long.

1.          Move/set up the pond
2.         Finding the perfect storage space for Marley’s artwork and supplies    
3.         Setting up the new wireless box that arrived yesterday
4.         Collect at least one box of rocks/pebbles/stones for the labyrinth
5.         All material and sewing supplies out of boxes and onto appropriate  
6.         hang pictures
7.         trash trash trash – gone
LIST ABOVE – finished … except the wireless box – I will try to do that before I sleep – maybe not.

My dear heart sister, donna, especially needs these today – so I am keeping them here … xxoo

8 Simple Affirmations You Should Whisper to Yourself Daily.

1.) “I am worthy.”
Worthy of love. Worthy of peace. Worthy of praise. Worthy of happiness. Worthy of pleasure.
2.) “My thoughts create my reality.”
Be aware of the thoughts that drift to & fro in your mind; they are direct reflectors of not only your inner world but your outer world. Believe in & aspire to positivity. If you believe that you are abundant, you will create abundance. If you believe you are blessed, you will create imminent blessings.
3.) “Be kind.”
Smile sweetly. Compliment a stranger. Ask someone how they are & really care about their well being. Exude friendliness & warmth, because everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. Radiate compassionate consideration. Give until it hurts.
4.) “The opinions of others don’t really matter.”
Filter the words you hear throughout the day. Only internalize the ones that resonate with your natural rhythms. And when you do listen to the wisdom of others, take it with a grain or two of salt. Cherish your ability to make sound choices; rely on it. Listen to your heart; it’ll never steer you wrong.
5.) “I am stunning.”
Repeat five times more for good measure. Hammer this into your brain. Never forget it.
6.) “Life is beautiful.”
Through the trials & tribulations, through the intricate complexities & complications… life & your existence within it is beautiful. Dwell on that.
7.) “Breathe.”
Be conscious of every breath you take. Relish in the sensation of your lungs filling up with air; inflate them to their fullest capacity. And when you exhale, smile.
8.) “Be in this moment.”
Stay mindful, stay present, stay centered. And when you feel yourself drifting out of inner consciousness, remind yourself that the past & future are elaborate illusions; that the only time is now.
Write down these eight affirmations (& a few of your own) & tape them to your bathroom mirror. Make a ritual of reciting these beautiful notions throughout the day. Sing them. Breathe them. Think them out loud. Memorize each one.

Fundraiser – The Humane Society
It is already the 19th of May …
I have sold a few leashes – thank you thank you – We need to sell LOTS more … please assist me in making the May goal = one hundred leashes

Garden fun:
Weeded and trimmed in the front garden today – and planted many new plants to soon take indoors. I finally got the asparagus planted … I’ve never tried to grow asparagus before – we’ll see how that works out. There is still no green coming from the grape I planted. ???
The real and lasting victories are those of peace and not of war.
- John Milton, seventeenth-century English poet
What are you grateful for today?
I am grateful, that no matter what my years on the planet age is, I feel 20.  And the wii fit agreed with me this morning – yeah!
Until tomorrow xo
Be what you want the world to be

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