Wednesday, May 11, 2011

give-a-way wednesday

PatriciaA Wearable Art for your puppy … a leash made with love and positive, happy energy. Please leave me a comment below with the perfect word that describes your dog or cat or iguana or … your pet … drawing next Tuesday, May 17th at noon.

I love this …
For attractive lips,
Speak words of kindness.
For lovely eyes,
Seek out the good in people.
For a slim figure,
Share your food with the hungry.
For beautiful hair,
Let a child run his/her fingers through it once a day.
For poise,
Walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.
People, even more than things,
Have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed,
And redeemed; never throw out anyone.
Remember, if you ever need a helping hand,
You will find one at the end of each of your arms.
As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands;
One for helping yourself, and the other for helping others.

~Audrey Hepburn

Tid bits from the homefront:

Marley is back in Alaska … Taylor and Caleb are leaving for Alaska this Friday … much of my fam will be far away … I will miss them – though so happy that they are living their lives in such a fun, interesting, adventurous way … and … for a few years now, it has been time for me to be with me / to think about me / to grow my new wings and fly in different directions … I am very excited about the next few months, and all that it will bring.

I stayed up until 3 a.m. writing … and feel rejuvenated rather than tired. Yeah. I am going to make the deadline for Lights in the Distance –yeah -  still have some ‘fixing up’ to do tonight  - if all goes well, it should be in the mail tomorrow … send energy please … I really want to make this happen.

Fundraiser – The Humane Society
I have sold a few leashes – thank you thank you – We need to sell LOTS more … please check out my Etsy Shop ,
and/or message me and I will send you whatever color/style you prefer. I put a few more up today. Help me out and let your friends know about our school fundraiser … thank you thank you.
Garden Fun:
I so love that the wild flower seeds I tossed around last year are coming up again … so pretty. And the storm last night brought with it much great energy for all of the plants. Everything looks brighter and happier today.
True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.
Arthur Ashe
I must use my word energy to finish this book … I’ll be filled with many babbles in the next couple of days [good and bad, right]. I hope everyone is having a beautiful week – filled with fun and much gratitude …
Until tomorrow xo
Be what you want the world to be

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  1. the list could go on for days... adoring :)

    ps- the wedding was perfect i think. So good to see you all weekend. All of your creations were lovely.
    - Hannah