Monday, July 11, 2011

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Happy Birthday Martha

Today I love …
            Planning new gardens
            Morning swim
            Zucchini from the garden
            Dinner with Becky
Tid bits from the homefront:

Saturday afternoon was a celebration of life for Mavrine Reel [Zack’s Grandmother]. What a beautiful celebration – for such a beautiful person. I was filled with sadness and joy at the same time. So grateful she is no longer suffering, fighting her battle with cancer … and, selfishly, sad that in her human form she is no longer here with us. Mae was such a loving person. Always positive, always showering her love on everyone … RIP … always in my heart … miss you.

In many ways, Mae reminds me of my Aunt Kaye. Filled with love and beauty. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to spend time with her while I was in Massachusetts for the reunion.
When I began writing my blog, I posted a few essays from a book I am working on – today I want to post this one again … about my Aunt Kaye.

The stands were filled with people. It was difficult to look and to find the family and friends that I was looking for.

And, all of a sudden there she was.
I hadn’t seen her in probably 10 years.
Didn’t even know if I would recognize her.
Didn’t even know if she would really be there at my high school graduation.

Aunt Kaye. My mother’s sister. She always stood out.
Exuded class, mixed with a confident sweetness.
The lump in my throat was huge. I didn’t want to cry right there on the bleachers.
But, I did.

The graduation went along as graduation ceremonies do.

And there she was. Right in front of me; arms extended.
She was definitely the most beautiful person there.

She told me how proud my mother would be. That didn’t mean too much to me at the time … but, her saying it added some importance. We talked of family, and how God brought us to this day, and all of the blessings that he bestowed on everyone.
She always God Blessed everyone. She was beauty.

She was the epitome of fragile strength. Dainty, delicate and certain. When she spoke, everyone listened. Not because she said they had to … she demanded nothing.
She commanded everything.
Because her heart and wisdom were apparent to all.

That day, I filled with pride thinking of all of the times that people said, “Pattie, you are just like your Aunt Kaye.” If I was going to be like anyone, being like her would be just fine with me.

Garden fun ...
I love being able to have beautiful cut flowers in my home from my own garden. Planted many more seeds today ... I seem to be cutting them faster than they can grow. 

Babbling … may be Ranting:

Still thinking of my rant from the other day ... another piece that often saddens me – we judge others and say things about them even when we have no clue who they are, what they are dealing with in their lives, or what has happened to/with them today.

Example - The day of Miranda’s funeral, my friend Donna and I stopped at a local grocery store [on the way home from the funeral – on our way to have our private school-family funeral]. Standing at the register, the cashier person said [snottily], “What’s up with you two – you look as if someone just died.” We calmly said – “Someone did”. Hoping she will think, with her heart and then head, before blurting something so insensitive out … having no clue where someone is coming from – and/or where they have been.

Let’s all keep spreading the light …

Thought this quote was worth a repeat …

I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition.
~Martha Washington

Until tomorrow xo
Be what you want the world to be

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