Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 20, 2011

Creative, productive, joyful day

Great day with the kids.
Started a book club [at least I hope I did] – awaiting responses.
Found my dress for Taylor’s wedding.

When writing my ‘2011 Resolutions’, I also made a list of little things I wanted to do, work on, accomplish, change … each morning I choose one to work on that day. It’s been going well. Starting a blog was on the list – check … learn to make a delicious pot pie – check … write for two hours each morning – check … working on/creating something for the wedding each day – check … start a book club – check … not doing too badly so far. Today was take photos of my creations to put up on and on my website – almost check … many of them came out pretty well.  I’m still working on making some of the photos really give the feeling I am looking for – this is a beautiful headband … guess I need some assistance with the photography.

We watched a documentary about Big Foot today.  Clearly not the teacher’s choice … they tried to portray things as realistic and scientific … they lost me.
It was humorous. We are studying water color artists this week.
I wish I could take the kids to visit my beautiful friend Sandi in Tampa

More wedding planning tonight. We are having much fun with all of the plans. Creating things, recycling, reusing … love that. Things are coming together so beautifully for Taylor’s and Caleb’s wedding in May.
I am so excited and so happy with them.
photograph by Brianna Kratz Trice
Sharing my favorite engagement photograph – beautiful. xxoo

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