Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24, 2011

Monday has always been my favorite day of the week … Happy Monday!

It was just about a month ago when I felt my authentic self returning. I’m sure everyone can understand that I still awake each morning a little leery … and then so grateful when I feel happy and excited for the new day. Today I greeted another aspect of me that I’ve really missed.

I still haven’t honed in on exactly what I am doing here – but, my dear sister keeps telling me to say what I feel. So, I will attempt to do just that. I have been so touched and am so grateful for the beautiful responses I have received about my babbling. Thank you! Hope you will bear with me today, as I think the babbling is more like ranting … Important ranting.

For many years I was a ‘stand on the soap box and yell’ person.
I so loved that part of me. It is a part that I seem to have let be pretty still for the past year or so.
I can feel my voice coming back … which I am sure my family, friends [and others], will love [or, maybe not].

Yesterday, in Barnes and Noble, there was a table filled with much [necessary] information about bullying. I collected up one of each and last evening when I was reading them I felt my blood pressure rising. Is bullying a problem? Yes, a horrible problem – it’s always been a problem and it makes me crazy. In saying that, I do not believe that children are born bullies. I have been an educator for many years, and have done much research and writing in regard to nature versus nurture … and I do know that nature plays a part in all of us – but – kids learn to bully. And I really don’t believe they learn the majority of it from other kids. They learn it from the ‘guiders’ in their lives. Pisses me off that as a society we all aren’t setting the appropriate example.

I realize that we all have priorities … things we find more important than other things. But I’m still often confused when I hear/see the order of importance of some. Judgment, name calling, etc. often looked at as ‘just a joke’ – well, I say that it isn’t a joke unless EVERYONE is laughing.
When my kids were growing up – if they said ‘shit’, I said, “we don’t say that” – If they called someone an idiot, they knew real trouble was coming. As a teacher-person the same rule always applied. What is it that we stand for? I’ll stop now … but I think I might be on a roll.

Guess I just found [and dusted off] my soap box.

I made these ornament terrariums for Holiday gifts. A nice way to keep a bit of Spring hanging in your favorite window while the winter weather gets too much outside. Easy to make – clear glass ornament [Michael’s is where I get mine], a bit of wet soil in the bottom [use a funnel, or make one with a piece of paper to put soil in the small hole], a few seeds [grass seeds sprout really quickly – but all will do – I found some moss outside and started with it], hang in the window, a touch of water once a month and let the sunshine do the rest … seeing mine in my kitchen window always makes me smile.

Taylor gave me a necklace for Christmas –
engraved on the back is my favorite quote … love it.
Be what you want the world to be

Until tomorrow xo

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