Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beautiful day in the woods

What a beautiful day it is in the woods. Bright blue sky, sun shining, and the temperature is not frigid. Life is good. I actually walked with Sam this morning. First time in a couple of weeks. He doesn’t like to be tied up; he’d rather walk with me … makes him feel less like a puppy and more like the ‘person’ he thinks he is.

I bought this piece during the bad year. I wasn’t shopping for anything … during those times, shopping only consisted of running out quickly and getting just what I had to have. I guess it found me.

I love poppies, and the words triggered something. I used to always say those words … and I had the memory of it in my head, but clearly no where else. I brought it home and hung it on my patio, where I could see it all of the time. Maybe it helped. A piece of the puzzle it was. Lost no more.

Slowly, but surely I am getting back to my love of glass work. I ordered a bunch of new glass yesterday – can’t wait until it arrives. I did do a little work last night – and these are 3 necklace pieces that I was happy with.

Moved from glass to creating a few pairs of earrings and these three bracelets –
Again, I am practicing with the photography – I am not capturing as I want – I will get there … photography [with a camera, rather than my blackberry] is on my list

Watched a documentary about Yellowstone National Park today … beautiful.

Tonight will be fun – 131 Main with Taylor and my dear friend, Angie, for wedding planning hugs and laughs.

Feeling extremely grateful …

Until tomorrow xo

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