Sunday, November 6, 2011

superb sunday

One of my favorite days of the year ... Gaining an hour. So silly, really.
Though, I always feel it is such a gift.

It seems I have recovered my voice - time to start babbling again. For the past
couple of months, I have been on a quiet (solemn) phase of my spiritual/life
journey.  I think of it as being on intake mode, rather than output. Daily,
conscious practice of being in each moment. Reading, cooking, quietly creating,
watching BBC shows, cleaning out closets and sorting through all of the 'stuff'
I no longer need, and generally (specifically) soaking up all around me.

New job is going so well. Being back working with young children for part of my
week, has been so great. Every moment is a teaching moment with the 'little

Beautiful fall day here today - has me filled with outside work energy. The
patio is clean and ready for fall/winter kiln projects - I'm very excited about
that. Gardens look sad, but at least they are trimmed back and ready to rest
until spring. The fish are slowing down, preparing themselves for winter
hibernation. It always amazes me, watching them completely still in their little
pockets of ice until the spring thaw.

 lewis loves sitting by the fire
 one last yellow rose
 fall daisies everywhere
 i love the red leaves

I hope everyone is enjoying autumn … I am loving it, in the afternoon; mornings are already too cold for me …
I have missed my daily sharing here ... thank you all so much for your emails and notes - made me feel good, in my quiet time, that you were thinking of me ... xxxooo
Life is so good.

until tomorrow xo

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